2 Curvature Enhancements Treatments You Should Know About

When it comes to enhancing the body curves, a few treatments come to mind. The most notable of these are the Sculptra and Brazilian Butt Lift, two amazing treatments capable of putting great emphasis on curves, creating natural contours. This is done by adding extra volume to certain areas of the body, creating a gorgeous form.

It is very important to know as many details about these treatments as possible, from the side effects of the Brazilian Butt Lift to the average Sculptra Butt Lift cost in different parts of the country. The answers to such questions were kindly given to us by MiracleFace MedSpa, whose Sculptra treatment is famous across NYC as one of the best curve enhancements in the city.


You may have already heard of dermal fillers, a kind of compound that is injected into various parts of the face that lift up the skin, restores volume, and smooths it out. These dermal fillers are a springy gel that is by nature bouncy, hence able to lift up the face.

The Sculptra injections function in a similar manner, by lifting up various parts of the posterior after the compound is injected. However, this is where the similarities between dermal fillers and the Sculptra transactions veer off into their own separate directions.

Sculptra is injected and it immediately creates volume in the treated area. You will notice that the posterior will become a lot more voluminous than it was before the injection. This is because the compound is able to temporarily lift up the area and create a more roundness to the buttocks. However, this is a temporary increase in volume, as the posterior will lose this volume after some time. But don’t think for a second that this is where the Sculptra compound stops.

After the compound has been dissolved, it boosts collagen production in that area of the body. Collagen is a protein that builds and keeps the body structurally sound. With more production of collagen in that area, your body will naturally create more volume in the posterior. So, in other words: Sculptra works in these two ways: first, it adds volume to the butt simply through the injection, and then it adds additional volume even after the compound is dissolved.

Thanks to it being an injection-based procedure, Sculptra is minimally invasive and causes very little damage to the body. The most you can expect in terms of harm to the treated area is light bruising that occurs around the injection sites. These go away on their own and are not that big of a deal. Other than that there will be some aching or swelling in the treated area. Side effects are quite minimal and most patients claim to recover from the treatment within a matter of days. While they are restricted from certain movements which could cause the compound to be misplaced, it takes a very short amount of time for the body to accept the compound and allow for free movement.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Another way to emphasize the curves of your body is with the Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL. This is a revolutionary cosmetic treatment with a very interesting procedure that works on two fronts. The name of the treatments is actually in debate as there is no definite answer to where it came from. Some people believe, that it was coined by a famous Brazilian plastic surgeon. Others attributed it to the fact that Brazilian individuals are known for having very round posteriors.

Regardless of where the name came from, the procedure itself is always more interesting to learn about due to its unusual methodology. “Unusual” in this case is a good thing, as the treatment functions in more than one way. Not only does it add volume to the posterior, but it also decreases fat in certain areas of the body.

First, the surgeon will extract fat from areas of the body where you don’t want them to be. This fat is then reused by being injected back into the body in areas where it will be more appreciated, more specifically the posterior. Essentially all you’re doing is having your fat moved from one place to another. The resulting effect is a larger butt, which is visually rounder.

Many people avoid curve-enhancing treatments, as they fear that they will look artificial and unnatural. This isn’t the case with modern procedures, as you can see for yourself how natural the results can look.

Thanks to the BBL, not only can you get more visible and enhanced curvature in all the right places, but also trim off an extra bit of fat in other areas of the body where you don’t need it to be in. It’s a two-for-one treatment that has shown to be very effective and is another popular choice for many patients in the country and across the world.

Make Your Choice

So make your choice of Sculptra or BBL. There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting curve enhancements, as everyone is built differently. Naturally, some bodies are, while others are born thicker. Wanting to have a little extra volume in certain areas is perfectly natural, especially with how popular curvy figures have gotten.

Both these treatments are very popular with patients all across the country and even the world. They are universally regarded as some of the safest body contouring treatments out there and are a great way for anyone to reach the exact results they’ve been looking for. Nowadays, both Sculptra and BBL have become very accessible to individuals of varying financial backgrounds, as more and more practitioners begin to open their doors for a greater number of patients.

Try out these treatments for yourself and be convinced of their effectiveness. Gorgeous curves are within your reach. All you need to do is set up an appointment with a seasoned practitioner.

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