3 Effective Methods of Removing Calculus

The importance of dental hygiene cannot be overstated. Whether you are in Green Tree Dental for routine checkups or just want to maintain your teeth, proper care can prevent disease and injury, which could lead to serious problems with your gums.

Visiting a green tree dentist regularly at home has helped many people’s smiles stay healthy throughout their lives while protecting them from potential risks associated with tooth decay or cavities if left unchecked.

What is Calculus?

Teeth are exposed to various substances over the course of their lives. Plaque forms as a result of this process. If teeth are not brushed regularly, plaque hardens. In dentistry, this hardened layer of plaque is referred to as tooth calculus or tartar. It can lead to serious dental problems if it is not treated properly. As soon as calculus deposits on the teeth surface, it also affects the gums. The gums can become infected and cavities can develop.

Effective methods of removing calculus

The buildup of calculus can be removed and prevented from growing with a variety of methods. These methods include:

Brush Your Teeth

Regularly brushing your teeth is the best way to maintain dental hygiene. Soft bristles are ideal for cleaning hard-to Reach areas of a toothbrush, while brushes with medium or firm bottoms work well on other surfaces like braces and dentures that require extra attention. Brush twice each day – once in the morning before breakfast and again at night after dinner! Don’t brush occasionally; do it every time you remember so this habit becomes ingrained as part of our daily routine.


Using a toothpaste that contains pyrophosphates and fluoride is the most effective way to remove teeth calculus. Due to their power over mineralization processes within saliva, these products help kill bacteria in your mouth by breaking down organic substances that promote cavity formation.

Visit Dentist

It takes a long time to remove dental calculus from your teeth. The best method is to visit the dentist as soon as possible. By employing technologically advanced procedures like composite veneers dentists can remove or cover dental calculus quickly and effectively. Dentists perform debridement to remove dental calculus. An expert dentist performs the procedure using a hand-held scaling tool or a hand-held ultrasonic device. An ultrasonic instrument uses high-frequency vibrations in conjunction with water to remove calculus.

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