Combining Two Treatments for One Satisfying Outcome

Self-image is one of the biggest components of confidence. It is how you see your body and how comfortable you feel in it. While plenty of people are proud of how they look and see their body as perfect as it can possibly be, some people are a lot less confident. Even with body positivity playing a huge role in modern trends, promoting the pride one should feel in their body regardless of beauty standards, there are still countless people out there who can’t find it in them to be happy with their body.

Fortunately, there is always a way out of this situation. What your body cannot do naturally is possible with a little advanced medicine and cosmetic technology. Treatments like the Sculptra butt injections and the EMSculpt New York City’s finest body contouring and toning procedures, are here to bring people closer to their ideal body.

Both treatments are very effective in their own right, but they handle different tasks in their main goal of toning and sculpting the body, as well as bringing out some much-needed contours for a gorgeous figure.

Toning and Sculpting with EMSculpt

There are different kinds of toning and fat reduction treatments out there. Some, like CoolSculpting, specialize in reducing fat in certain areas without having to pierce the skin or inject the body with some sort of compound. For muscle toning and chiseling out the figure, there is Cooltone, which uses magnetic technology to convulse the muscles at very high speeds, giving them an exercise without the patient having to actually move around. The muscles become more visible and significantly stronger.

EMSculpt combines these two treatments and does both of these things in one go. Thanks to its high-intensity magnetic technology which causes muscles in a designated area of the body to begin contracting very rapidly, EMSculpt strengthens these muscles and also burns away some of the fat.

It is the perfect treatment for anyone who doesn’t have enough time to go to the gym or the determination to follow a strict diet. Both of these things take a lot of energy and resources, something that not everyone can spare these days. EMSculpt offers an easy way out for these people and the perfect solution to two problems with one treatment.

Because it’s a non-invasive treatment, EMSculpt has few to no side effects, the recovery time is very short, and the procedure itself is not painful at all. With the exception of the aching that comes immediately after the procedure, there is very little discomfort patients feel during the EMSculpt treatment.

This quick recovery, coupled with the non-invasive procedure, painless post-treatment downtime, and the amazing results makes EMSculpt worth trying if you’re looking to tone your body.

Curvature with Sculptra

While EMSculpt focuses on the farm and the physique of the body by reducing fat and emphasizing the muscles, treatments like Sculpture butt injections focus more on the curves. A curvy figure has become a recent trend, but if you look through the history of the human physique, you will find that this has been considered attractive for thousands of years.

Unfortunately, not everyone is born with a naturally curvy body. Some people are a lot slimmer than others, and therefore do not have those emphasized curves. There are many body curvature enhancements out there, but Sculptra is very special and it’s all right.

First and foremost: the treatment is minimally invasive, which means that it simply requires an injection. This means that the damage done to your body is limited, unlike other treatments which may require incisions and stitches. The Sculptra injections administer a special compound into various locations of the buttocks.

This compound lifts the posterior giving it a more voluminous shape, which is fuller and rounder. However, once the compound sets this fullness and volume disappears for a short period of time. This comes to the surprise of many patients who do not realize that this is only halfway through the treatment and the injection still has a lot of work to do. Because once the compound sets in, it begins to promote collagen production.

Collagen is a type of protein found in your body that is responsible for its structural integrity. It keeps everything strong and bound together. Once the injected compound begins to promote collagen production, once again but this time the shape is a lot more natural. Many people are afraid of body curvature treatments as they feel as though the results will not look natural.

With the Sculptra treatment, you can have completely natural-looking curves with just a few injections, that will last up to two years. Pair this with the results of the EMSculpt treatment and you have yourself an unbeatable duo for toning, sculpting, and contouring.

Where Would One Find These Treatments?

What’s the use of knowing so much about cosmetic treatments if they’re not available for you to try out. This is not the case with either of these two, as they are both very quite popular and are performed by practitioners all across the country. Take Skinly Aesthetics in NYC for example.

The clinics perform all kinds of facial and body augmentations and enhancements, EMSculpt and Sculptra included. NYC clients trust Skinly Aesthetics thanks to the Ivy League trained specialists who work there. The practitioners at the clinic have enough experience to know all the intricacies that come with bringing out the best results.

You can look through their website for yourself and see how people have improved their self-image thanks to EMSculpt and Sculptra. And this is just one example of how you can combine different cosmetic treatments to bring out the best in your appearance. There are many others you can try out and be convinced of the power of modern cosmetic technology.

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