Searching for a professional through all the options that are currently on the market is a tedious task that not everyone wants to complete and therefore choose the first bidder who offers automotive locksmith services or any area you need, but this is just a big mistake that brings serious problems in the long run. The best thing you can do is read this article to find out who are the best locksmith exponents in town so you don’t run into a scammer who will take your money and your time. 

Grab paper, pencil, and a little patience and concentration to choose the one that’s right for you, although they’re all good choices. Let’s get started!

Pro Locksmith Henderson

It’s a fresh, young company, but full of professionals with years in the locksmith business and with several certifications that allow them to offer different types of services ranging from commercial to residential. In this case their automotive services stand out for being fast but still with a great margin of quality that they do not lower despite the couple of years they have been in the market.

Pro Locksmith Henderson motto is to help the customer, from the first call they will try to collect all the necessary information to avoid you getting too complicated, and if it is necessary to go to the place to evaluate and give you a price, they usually do not charge the “check” of the situation. 

City Locksmith Las Vegas

When dealing with this company you feel that you are working with an out of the ordinary luxury service, that they really care about your problem and are not so concerned about the money even though you always have to pay to get the service. City Locksmith Las Vegas are a standard of quality among locksmiths, their duplications whether for regular keys or car keys are always made with superior materials that they get from the best suppliers at the best price. 

They are known for the speed of their service, you don’t have to wait a day or several hours to get your new keys, and even with a short time of work you get a product that far exceeds the average automotive locksmith in town. We don’t try to be humble when we refer to one of the best services in town. 

King Key Locksmith 

Its name makes it very clear what level this locksmith company is at, you would expect nothing less from one of the pioneers of the city that every year offers better and better services, expanding its catalog with specializations in certain areas. King Key Locksmith specializes much more in automotive services than anything else, doing key replacement, car key duplication without the need to have a base key for the new model, door unlocking and a host of other repairs that can serve you at any time of your life with your car. 


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