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4 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Men’s Jeans

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Denim has been a wardrobe staple since the 1800s, but it wasn’t until recently that men began to appreciate how important a good pair of jeans can be. Nowadays, men’s jeans are no longer just for cowboys and bikers: they are a must-have item in every guy’s closet. With such an elite history and newfound versatility, it’s clear that denim will remain around for years—maybe even decades—to come. So, whether you’re looking to buy your first pair of jeans or just want some tips on caring for what you already own, read on!

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How much to spend on jeans?

Jeans are a staple piece of clothing, so it’s worth investing in a good pair that you can wear for years without falling apart. While you can find jeans for under $10, the quality of these pants is not always that great, and they may not last as long as more expensive options. If you want something higher quality and are willing to splurge, then spending over $100 on your denim is not out of the question!

What’s the difference between tight and skinny jeans?

Skinny jeans are less fitted and have a lower rise. They’re more popular than tight jeans, so if you want to stay trendier and look younger, this is the right style. Remember that tight pants are generally made of thicker material, while skinny pants are lighter and thinner.

Tight jeans are more fitted with a higher rise at the waistline. This style tends to fit better on people with smaller waists relative to their hips.

How often should you wash your jeans?

You should wash your jeans as little as possible, especially if you’re trying to keep them from fading. That means no matter what, they shouldn’t be washed with other items and should be washed at low temperatures in cold water. This can go a long way toward preserving the colour of your jeans and keeping them looking great for longer. The best way to dry them is by hanging them up on a line or drying rack, so the fabric doesn’t stretch out.

What’s the best way to store jeans?

Store them in a cool, dry place. The ideal environment for denim is dark and airy. Don’t let them sit in the washing machine when you are done with them; that can cause fading or damage to the fabric.

Don’t hang your jeans on hangers, which will stretch out their shape over time.

Don’t fold your jeans either—this causes creases that will be visible when you wear them again.

Do not store jeans in plastic bags; this traps moisture and makes it harder for your pants to breathe.

What fabric should you choose?

Men’s jeans vary in weight and colour, determining how long they last and how they fade. Denim fabrics are usually made from cotton but can also be made from recycled materials or synthetic fibres.

The weight of denim fabric is determined by its thickness and density. A heavier pair of jeans will last longer than a lighter pair. Heavyweight denim is generally recommended for heavy use or high abrasion activities like workwear or climbing; medium-weight denim is designed for more casual purposes like hiking or everyday wear; lightweight denim is best suited to athletic pursuits like running with its superior breathability and quick-drying capabilities.

Jeans are an essential piece of clothing for any man and can be worn with anything from T-shirts and sneakers to suits and loafers. It’s important to remember when shopping for jeans that there is no one perfect fit for everyone, so don’t feel pressured if it takes some trial and error before finding your ideal pair.

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