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5 Items every mod has in their wardrobe

by Albert
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The mod look

The mod fashion is returning! Or better yet, never really left.

Whilst the mod style is typically associated with the 1960s and was very popular in London, it’s still in fashion today and is considered a staple of men’s vintage clothing.

The term mod is short for modernist, which is why the style is fluid and constantly adapting. It’s a fashion that isn’t constrained to a time period and is always considered very fashionable.

Take a look at our top 5 items that every mod needs in their wardrobe.

1. Knit polo shirt

At the very heart of the mod style is a soft-knit polo shirt; it’s one of the most versatile items of clothing a man can have in his wardrobe. For a dressed-up look, pair your polo with some chinos and boots, but a simple pair of jeans and trainers will work a treat if you’re looking for a more casual style. You can even wear it under a sweater for the more chilly weather; there are endless possibilities.

Even though geometric designs and bold colours are common in mod clothing, the remaining details are usually minimalistic. For example, you will be looking for shirts without logos. If you really want to complete the mod look, make sure you button shirts and polos all the way up to give that literal button-up look, as this is a staple style of the mod man.

2. Harrington jacket

You may not have heard the term Harrington Jacket, but you’ve definitely seen them and maybe even worn one without realising it. If you think about photos of Elvis Presley, James Dean, or Steve McQueen, they typically all wore Harrington Jackets.

They are usually waist-length and lightweight with a standing collar and tend to have a bold tartan lining. At least the most authentic ones do!

This fashion item is timeless and iconic; every duysnews man’s wardrobe needs a Harrington Jacket.

3. Chelsea or desert boots

There wasn’t a lot of choice for footwear for the original mods. Chelsea and desert boots have a very similar style; they are both close-fitted and look great with jeans.

These two boots also have some differences. Desert boots feature a short lace-up panel primarily for looks, whereas Chelsea boots are sleek with minimal detailing. They have elastic panels on the side to make putting them on and off easier. Both styles of shoes work beautifully with a suit and everything else.

4. Roll-neck shirt

There aren’t many genres that favour a roll-neck shirt the way that mods do. Roll-neck, also known as turtle-necks, are usually worn in the same situations as a polo shirt. Traditionally paired with chinos or jeans and they look very high-fashion when worn under a jacket. Their sleek silhouette and soft-knit make them very comfortable to wear. As with polos, roll-necks are usually plain dark colours or have a simple pattern.

One of the great things about a roll-neck is that it offers that classic, sophisticated look without needing a button-up shirt.

5. Slim-fit trousers

In this case, trousers mean chinos and jeans as they are both very popular in mod fashion. Typically, trousers need to be sharp with clean tailoring and fitted but not overly skinny. Straight or tapered-cut styles are the best, plus they pair with everything! The finishing touch to a mod-look trouser is the rolled-up cuff to show off your footwear.

Put the mod in modernist

So there you have it! The top 5 items you need to have in your wardrobe to be a mod is:

  • Knit polo shirt
  • Harrington jacket
  • Boots (Chelsea or desert)
  • Roll-neck shirt
  • Slim-fit trousers

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