Watches are one of the greatest innovations in human history. It is a very convenient piece that provides a classy way to keep track of time. It is a fashion piece that suits different styles and tastes, a symbol of tradition and history encased in a showpiece. Watches provide simplicity and embody craftsmanship. Are you an owner of a timepiece, and you are trying to find the best maintenance tips? Or are you here to know more about the proper way of taking care of a watch before purchasing one? Well, lucky you! This article will give you every information you need from taking good care and providing the necessary maintenance to keep its quality performance.

Diesel watches are renowned as luxury timepieces that originated in Italy. Diesel, after reaching its peak of success in the clothing industry, partnered with the famous watch brand, Fossil. Because of the partnership, Diesel grew even more popular in just a short period of years. Thus, associating its brand in the watchmaking industry. Releasing innovative designs and exceptional products, Diesel claimed an indisputable spot on the fashion and watch industry. These are a few reasons you should not take your watches for granted, especially if it is a Diesel. Read on and learn more about Diesel watches and how to give proper maintenance for your wristwatch to be properly working.

A Quick Glance of Diesel’s History

“What is this brand, Diesel?”. A question that you might have, especially for someone who is not yet aware of this luxurious Italian brand. Diesel, stating the obvious beforehand, originated in Italy. It is an Italian company founded by Renzo Rosso in 1978. Diesel, as most people do not expect, started as a clothing company of jeans. Stating another fact, Diesel was first best known to be the producer of high-quality denim. Not until it eventually partnered with Fossil and sprang their collection of watches. Diesel watches are a combination of classic and modern timepieces. Today, Diesel is sold throughout the world daily. Hence, from their series of timepieces to jeans and other clothing apparel that bears its brand name.

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Keeping Your Watch at Peak Performance

As a watch owner, one of your responsibilities is to provide the proper maintenance for your timepieces. To prevent watches from getting broken, you must be able to know the right way to keep your timepiece functioning properly. Here is a shortlist for you to follow at home to maintain the peak performance of your timepieces:

1.    Clean Your Watches

A luxury watch requires intermittent maintenance. Dirt, blood, oils, and grease can accumulate in most parts of your wristwatch, especially in the strap. If you are wearing your watch daily, you must thoroughly clean it occasionally. To clean your watch, the first step you must do is to remove the strap or the bracelet from the wristwatch case. Next, if you have a bracelet strap, place it on a bowl of warm water and mild dish soap.

However, if you have a leather strap, place it on a bowl of warm water and white vinegar. Leave the strap soaked on the water for an hour or so. A few minutes would do for a less dirty strap. Once the dirt has separated, lightly scrub the strap with a soft-bristled brush. Rinse the strap and take a lint-free cloth to dry. Reattach afterward.

2.    Regular Winding

You must use and enjoy your wristwatch as much as possible. Wearing your timepiece regularly keeps it running smoothly. For manual wristwatches, you must plan to wind your wristwatch at the same time every day. For automatic watches, you should plan to wear them regularly for optimal performance.

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3.    Limit Sun Exposure

Extended exposure to sunlight may cause you to watch fade in color. Prevent from placing your watches at home where direct sunlight may enter. Also, heat may shorten the battery health of a watch.

4.    Water Resistant is Important

The water-resistant quality of a watch matters. Most watches are made to be water-resistant nowadays. But, most vintage watches eventually lose their resistance to water through time. It is essential to know the capacity of your timepiece and avoid submerging your watch underwater.

5.    Understand how your watch works

The most important tip in maintaining the performance of your watch is by having a thorough understanding of its capabilities. Generally, how it works. To have enough knowledge of your wristwatch and the model that you have, read its manual. If you still have a hard time dealing with some issues that you may notice with your wristwatch, it is best to approach the nearby store where you have bought your timepiece.

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In Conclusion

Luxury watches are not just a great piece of fashion but are also a great form of investment. Taking good care of your luxury watch prevents you from spending on additional repair costs or from having to buy a new one. Diesel watches are proven to be a great brand and manufacturer of watch lines. However, it is still your responsibility to take good care of your timepiece and to keep it functioning through the years.

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