Leroy Sané has become renowned for his unique and creative free kick technique. The Manchester City winger is known for bending the ball from seemingly impossible angles, leaving goalkeepers in the dust. His technique has become so popular that he has been dubbed “The Free Kick King”. Sané’s free kick technique requires a combination of skill and technique. He starts with a short run-up, usually three or four steps, before planting his standing foot to the side of the ball. Then, leaning back, he swings his kicking leg forward and around the ball, striking it with the outside of his boot. This action gives the ball a spin, causing it to curve away from the goalkeeper. Sané’s technique has been likened to a golfer’s swing, allowing him to generate more power and spin on the ball. This spin causes the ball to dip and curve, making it difficult for the goalkeeper to make a save. It is this technique that has seen Sané score some of the most spectacular free kicks in recent years. Sané’s technique has been studied by footballers, coaches and analysts alike. His unique approach has inspired a generation of footballers to think outside the box when taking free kicks. Sané’s free kick technique has become so iconic that it is now used as an example for young players looking to develop their free kick taking skills. Leroy Sané has revolutionized the way free kicks are taken, with his unique and creative technique. His technique has become one of the most iconic in modern football, inspiring a generation of players to take free kicks in a more creative manner.


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