Do We Really Need a Moisturizer?

No matter what your skin’s condition is, you need a moisturizer, which today serves more purposes than simply keeping your skin hydrated. For oily, blemish-prone skin, moisturizers deliver antibacterial and soothing agents. For mature, wrinkled skin, they add an extra dose of melatonin spray for softening and antioxidant ingredients. All of us benefit from sun-shielding mineral components and antioxidant enzymes, vitamins, and oils that protect our skin from a less-than-pure environment.

How do moisturizers help? They form a film on your skin that reinforces the barrier ability of the epidermis, helping to prevent transepidermal water loss. They contain certain ingredients that attract moisture from the environment, and they contain healing substances that soothe irritations and neutralize free radicals.

Some moisturizers can actually prevent and reverse wrinkles. Just a few years ago, such a notion would cause a few eyebrows to skeptically rise, as many experts argued that moisturizers applied to the top layer of the epidermis do not change the physiology of the skin and do not prevent wrinkles from forming deep inside.

While a simple moisturizer can relax fine lines caused by facial tightness, many advanced ingredients such as coenzyme Q10 and its synthetic and more potent colleague, idebenone, as well as certain peptides, plant extracts, and amino acids, can relax wrinkles and even reverse them.

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This is especially true when these ingredients are used diligently in effective concentrations and in conjunction with the meticulous use of sunscreens, a smart diet, and positive lifestyle changes. Classic components of antiaging moisturizers, such as alpha hydroxy acids and vitamins, can also help to stave off premature aging.

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