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Famous Slot Machine Cheats In The Past

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The world of slots is not without its fair share of cheats and swindlers, the sort of people who would stop at nothing to get what they want regardless of what it takes. Now we wouldn’t be able to talk about them today if they were never caught, so although some of these techniques might sound cool, we’d advise not trying them out for yourself for obvious reasons.

Cheats of the past for slots

Punters have tried all sorts to cheat the system, some more complicated than others. For example, did you know that some have tried using random number generators to help them crack the algorithms found in some of the industries top online slot games like from Slots Munmmy? The perpetrators were caught and were actually taken to court. Again, we’d like to stress that these hacks are completely illegal and could put you in prison, so don’t be stupid.

Coin on a string slots

It doesn’t get as old school as this. Back in the day when people would play slot machines out in the open, you’d have to push coins into a slot of some kind before you would pull a lever to get the reels spinning.

Some realised that if you were to attach the coin, you were using to a piece of string and put it into the machine, you could then pull it straight back out allowing them to do it over and over again, netting them quite a lot of money completely free.

Fake Coins on Slot Machines

Similar to attaching a coin on a string, people would take items that were the same size and weight of a standard coin and would push them into slot machines with great success.

Of course, the manufacturers of these machines started adding safeguards to these machines to stop people doing this, but you’d be surprised to know how many people still try this — especially with vending machines.

Magnet Power: Back in the 1960s and 1970s magnets were used on slot machines to control the combinations of all the symbols. It sounds like magic was involved here but simply science allowed people to get the max payout on any slot machine they wanted.

Nowadays, these machines are shielded to any outside influence, instead relying on a random number generator that’s built into the machine rather than a trigger caused by the symbols you see in front of you.

A Magic Wand: A scam that could be misconstrued as a section of a magicians set, no, the magic wand is a Carmichael invention, one that essentially tricked the electrical sensor within slot machines, triggering wins with the greatest of ease.

Carmichael was a notorious inventor of countless methods to cheat the system. He’s the man responsible for the monkey paw (a guitar string attached to a metal wand that would trip a microswitch within a slot machine, thus triggering a payout).

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