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How Fashion Nova Took Over the Internet

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Fashion Nova, a Los Angeles-based fast fashion brand, has hit the internet with a bang. It has grown to dominate the Web as far as the world of fashion is concerned. But how has this fashion brand managed to beat some of the top brands in the industry?

Let’s find out.

Fashion Nova’s Winning Strategies

Nurturing a Niche Audience

Given the competitive nature of the fashion industry, identifying an underserved niche can go a long way in fostering the rise to dominance of a brand. Richard Saghian, Fashion Nova’s founder and CEO, identified a gap in the industry where women of all shapes and sizes were underserved. He then focused the brand on manufacturing clothes with the needs of these groups in mind.

Currently, most of Fashion Nova’s trendy pieces are available from size XS to 3X and sometimes 4X, therefore capturing the attention of many clients with different body shapes and sizes.

High Rate of Newness

Fashion Nova boasts a rich chain of over 1,000 manufacturers who release close to 1,000 new items weekly. With this high rate of newness, the brand offers its clients a wide array of trendy pieces to choose from. It also keeps customers coming back as they don’t want to miss out on a single trend.

Flooding the Feeds

Fashion Nova understands the role of social media platforms in keeping their brand running. Thanks to its high rate of newness, it never suffers a shortage of content. The fashion company posts about 9 images and/or videos on Instagram daily, but it’s typical feed rounds up to between 20-30 posts.

Celebrity and Influencer Marketing

Richard Saghian’s marketing concept has placed Fashion Nova a step ahead of its competitors. This brand works with between 3,000 to 5,000 celebrities and influencers. It combines both mega and upcoming influencers with a significant number of interactive followers.

Some of the celebrities include Cardi B, Amber Rose, Kylie Jenner, and Blac Chyna, just to mention a few.

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