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Hublot Watch History: The Architect of Timepieces

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Are you in search of a perfect watch that goes beyond the standards of society? Hublot is a watch that is actually not taken seriously by most watch enthusiasts. Not because of its poor manufacturing but because of its excellent characteristic. It is unlike any other watch brand. It is considered an architect, a genius, an extraordinary brand in the watchmaking industry. Hublot does not aim to compete as a luxury watch brand. It aims to bring comfort to whoever wants to wear its bizarre models of timepieces. This article will introduce one watch brand that may give you a second thought on why you should choose it over other popular watch houses. Read on to learn more about Hublot. Discover its history, and whether Hublot is a great quality watch, and if it will be worth purchasing one for yourself.

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A Brief History of Hublot

To get to know about this popular Swiss watch brand, you first have to get some quick information about how Hublot became “the” Hublot that it is today.

Launched in 1980, Hublot was founded by Carlo Crocco. Before it was established, Carlo Crocco left his family business–Binda Group, best known for making Wyler Geneva and Breil watches–to start a company of his own, later named “Hublot.” A watch brand that is unlike what the world has seen, mainly because it did not care whether it would be socially accepted or not. In the shorter description, Hublot focused on comfortability and solving problems related to human experiences–just like an architect. The name Hublot came from the French word “porthole”–from which the timepiece’s case got its inspiration.

However, what made Hublot well-known was not the design of its case. Hublot became known for the type of material it decided to utilize for the straps of its watches. Have you guessed what it is that they probably have used for their first collection of watches? It was rubber. Although it is not new to use rubber on products such as timepieces, most people did not agree to this. The story behind why Hublot decided to use rubber for their watch straps was because Crocco, as a keen sailor, wanted his established luxury watch brand to be in favor of water. He wanted to create a line of timepieces that would complement both a suit and tie and a sports outfit. Metal bracelets did not agree to Crocco’s plan nor did leather. His solution, therefore, was rubber. Were you enticed by this? If so, read on.

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Are Hublot Watches Worth Purchasing?

The question you have left now that this article will answer is whether Hublot watches are worth purchasing. Now, let us get you through some reasons why you should claim a Hublot for yourself. Besides its unique way of thinking about its design and manufacturing watches, Hublot is known to have mastered the art of fusion. Designing a watch under Hublot does not just take a day or two. In fact, the craftsmanship of this Swiss watch brand involves creative thinking that bears inspiration from strong dedication and thorough research. To perfect the art of fusion, combining materials that most people usually think do not fit together. Thus, this is the main characteristic of Hublot watches, although despised by some.

The list of the advantages or benefits of purchasing a Hublot watch is a long list. Hublot is a reputable brand known for having produced trendy watches. Most of their collections command a presence on the wrist, such as their Big Bang watch collection. Hublot also has a few limited-edition watches that are masterpieces, such as their MP collection. Another is that Hublot has a huge amount of bling and iced-out model watches. Hublot watches entry-level is also affordable, especially for those who want to invest in a reasonable price for a luxury watch.

Hublot watches are also unique because they have a huge variation of watch models that incorporate different kinds of materials and types of watch straps. Hublot also has a long history of manufacturing sports watches and unique special edition watches. Another big advantage of Hublot watches compared to other watch brands is that it has quartz models that offer more precision and less maintenance.

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Is Hublot a good watch? Yes, an excellent one. Hublot has positioned its brand on top of the luxury watch market with its unique product line and design. It is a watch manufacturer best-known to produce watches for trendsetters. Hence, a brand appreciates art, innovation, and watches that are unique and not necessarily traditional or socially expected. Hublot is proud to have perfected the art of fusion, generating their watches using materials that are not traditionally found or socially expected on watches. The bran also offers a huge variation of color options and types of watch straps.

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