Before we tell you about spells to bring a lover back, we’d like to clarify what a lover means. A lover is a married man you’re having an affair with or a man you’re cheating on your husband with. We’re here not to judge anyone. We understand that life is more complicated and confusing than the dogmas of moralistic books, and we believe every person has the right to build a relationship with whoever they think can make them happy.

Moreover, on our blog there are plenty of recipes to make a lover want to marry you. These spells have been chosen specifically to minimize the karma risks associated with home magic. Yet the best way to do it is to work with professional and experienced witches and magic practitioners as their spells give the best results. You can use spells for beginners only if your love is so strong that all you need is to channel your love energy and direct it into making your dream come true. So all spells described in this article should be used by people who really love the target and whose love is unconditional.​ Contacting Spellcaster Maxim should be the first thing on your to-do list to ace spells to return an ex

Bring lover back spells

If you broke up after having a big fight, use the following bring a lover back spell. Take 10 ripe apples and cut each apple in half. Put a picture of you inside each apple. Leave the apples in the sun for 10 hours. Then chop the apples with a knife, put your chopped apples in a pan, add some sugar (1:1), a cup of water, and make some apple jam. Your jam should look good, be thick and very sweet.

Now take 10 white candles, put them on the table in a circle, and put those pictures you used before in the middle of the circle. Put the pictures of your lover (head first) around the candles. Put the jam on a plate and take a silver spoon. Walk around the table and apply some jam to the lips of your lover in each picture, bending over the pictures and whispering:

“When you kiss me, you’ll find my lips just as sweet as this jam that I made of my love. The sweetness of my kisses will enchant you, make you miss me, forgive me, forget all the fights we’ve had, and want to be with me again. Your life with me will be as sweet as this jam.”

Repeat the last sentence of this spell thrice.

This spell may be cast on the following conditions:

  • It’s cast on the fourth day of a new moon;
  • It’s cast at 10 p.m.;
  • You’re home alone;
  • You aren’t menstruating;
  • You really want to get your lover back;
  • It’s your first big fight;
  • You haven’t been with another man since your breakup.

Another spell to bring love back is used when your lover broke up with you to be with his wife. Besides, he did it not because he always loved her and not you, but because he felt sorry for her and the only way to make it up to her was to stop seeing you. If you believe he’ll be happier with you than with his wife and if you truly love him, you can use the following candle wax ritual.

To perform this ritual, you need five white magic candles made of natural wax. On the last but one day of the waning moon, put the first candle on a copper plate and let it burn all the way down. Take 12 pictures of your lover with his wife, including two or three pictures from their wedding, and cut the pictures in half to separate the spouses with a special pair of scissors to break up couples.

While the wax is still soft, burn the pieces with the wife in a clear glass plate. Add some wax into the ashes and mix it up. Take some wax which looks gray now due to the ashes and make a ball which should be as big as a cherry. Wrap whatever is left together with the plate in an old and dirty sheet of paper and throw it out immediately.

The next morning go to your lover’s place and hide the wax ball so it can’t be found. Natural wax is soft and sticky, so you can hide it under the carpet or stick it to the back of the couch or any other piece of furniture. It’s okay if someone finds it, unless it’s your lover’s wife. If she finds it and touches it with her hand, you’ll end up with a loneliness curse on you.

In the evening (it should be the last day of the waning moon), let the second candle burn all the way down. Cut the pieces of your lover’s pictures into small pieces and make several wax balls in the manner described above. The balls should also be as big as a cherry. The wax balls will work like a magnet drawing your lover to you.​

On the second day of a waxing moon put three candles on three windowsills, light them, and say the following spell as you go from one candle to another:

“I’m waiting for you (your lover’s name)! I’m waiting for you (yo

ur lover’s name)! I’m waiting for you (your lover’s name)! I know you got lost in the dark. I know you got lost in the fog of disbelief in the power of our love. I know you stumbled on your cold heart without understanding that only my love can warm it. I’m waiting for you (your lover’s name)! I’m waiting for you (your lover’s name)! I’m waiting for you (your lover’s name)! I know you’ll find the way to my house. I know you’ll find the way to my door. I know you’ll find the way to our future where we love each other. I’m waiting for you (your lover’s name)! I’m waiting for you (your lover’s name)! I’m waiting for you (your lover’s name)! Please come back and never leave me again. Never come back to your wife and let me be the only one who you call your wife.”

Keep saying this spell until the candles burn at least halfway down. For best results, show some patience and wait until they burn all the way down. Don’t touch the wax for seven days. Your lover should come back to you within these seven days. If he does, wrap everything in a white cloth and put it away. The magic powers of your melted candles will keep your lover in love with you.

This spell to bring back a lover can be cast on the following conditions which are very important:

  • Your lover doesn’t love his wife;
  • The wife isn’t pregnant;
  • Your lover and his wife don’t have children;
  • You want your lover to divorce his wife and marry you;
  • You’ve never loved anyone as much as you love this man;
  • You’re younger than 45 years old;
  • You’ve never been married;
  • You’ve never practiced black magic.

A spell to bring back a lover

If you want to put a love spell on your lover who is married, always remember that the spell will impact not only him but also his wife, so you also have to fight against the feelings his wife has for him and literally compete for his heart. As a rule, the winner is the one whose feelings for the man are stronger. To save yourself the trouble of casting a spell to bring lover back, find out who loves him more, you or his wife. If the wife’s feelings for the man are stronger, he’ll stay with her despite your love spell.

You can find out which of you the man will choose with the following simple ritual. To perform it, you need a gold needle, one long hair from your scalp (unfortunately, if you have short hair, you can’t perform this ritual), and three pictures showing you, your lover and his wife. Put the pictures on the table in the following order: your picture, your lover’s picture and his wife’s picture. Put a candle holder holding three candles on the table and put three magic candles in it: red for the youngest of you; blue for the oldest of you; and yellow for whoever is left.

For example, if you’re the youngest in your love triangle and your lover is the oldest, put the candles in the following order: red, blue and yellow.

Pass the hair through the gold needle, hold it about five centimeters above the picture of your lover and say,

“I want to know the truth. I want to know one secret. Invisible spirit, please be kind to me and don’t ask me for any payment for your kindness. Please show me which one of us my love (your lover’s name) will choose, me (your name) or his wife (the wife’s name).”

Shortly after you say it, the needle will start swinging like a pendulum. However, its movements won’t be balanced. You’ll notice it will be drawn as if by a magnet to one side more than the other. This will show you which person the man will stay with. If it’s you, cast the love spell to be on the safe side or hire a professional magic practitioner and let him cast it for you. If your lover will stay with his wife, there is no point in casting a love spell.

If that’s the case, you need spells to bring back a lover offered by professional spellcasters. Usually, you just need to contact one to get it cast. The spellcaster will tell your fortune and ask Higher Powers which ritual will help you win your lover’s heart. He’ll tell you what to do to help him perform his ritual successfully. The spellcaster will most likely ask you to provide some personal information, such as your names and dates of birth, as well as hairs, some personal items, etc. If you’re asked for something more exotic, then you’re dealing with a sorcerer or sorceress specializing in a more exotic branch of magic.​

If you’re friends with your lover’s wife but she doesn’t know her husband is having an affair with you, you can make your lover choose you by lowering her libido. Statistically, 89% of men choose the woman with a higher sex drive. The following ritual will help you win this libido competition leaving your love rival far behind. Your lover will come back to you shortly after you perform this ritual, regardless of the reason you broke up.

To cast these bring a lover back spells, you need to abstain from sex for two weeks. The final days of your sex fast should fall on a waning moon. This ritual can be performed on any day, as long as it’s a waning moon. Buy two lingerie sets. One set should be your size and the other should be your lover’s wife’s size. They should also differ in terms of color, fit, and material. Yet both the sets should be pretty and sexy.

Put your lingerie set on the bed and leave the other one by the front door. Put an orange candle near the bed and light it. By the way, the candle should be bought at a magic store. Now you need two identical pictures of your lover. Light one picture using the orange candle and carry it to the lingerie set near the front door. When the picture burns down, put whatever’s left on the lingerie set and say:

“I’m not wishing you (the wife’s name) ill. I’m not wishing that you (the wife’s name) fall ill. I’m not wishing that you (the wife’s name) become frigid. However, from now on you won’t be sexually attracted to (your lover’s name) anymore. You won’t want him in the morning, during the day, in the evening, or at night. You won’t be interested in him as a man anymore. You’ll find him boring. His touch will disgust you. His smell will be repulsive to you. You (the wife’s name) will dream of other men and you (the wife’s name) will want other men, but never the man I love and desire most (your lover’s name).”

Go to the bathroom and wash your hands thoroughly. Go back to the bedroom and take your clothes off leaving them on the floor. Put the picture of your lover on the bed in front of you. Put on your new lingerie and say:

“All this is for you (your lover’s name). My beauty is all yours. My sexuality is all yours. Come and take me. Remember that I’ll let you have me any time day and night as soon as you want it. My hands will touch you. My lips will kiss you. My womb will meet you giving you pleasure. I’ll be the best woman you’ve ever had. I’ll be your best lover. I’ll be better than your wife (the wife’s name). Just please come (your lover’s name) to me (your name) and you’ll get it all.”

Put the candle out.

The next day put your new lingerie on and wear it all day. Put the second set back into the package and give it to your lover’s wife as a gift as soon as possible. You should do it before sunset. Once she puts it on, the spell will be activated and the woman will stop being sexually attracted to her husband.

Now you need to be patient and keep a low profile for one month. The man will get disappointed in his wife and want to come back to you. As a rule, the lover comes back 2 to 4 weeks after the ritual. If he doesn’t, in 30 days call your lover and ask him to have dinner with you. Most likely, your invitation will be accepted.

To make the man want to stay with you, wear the same lingerie you used in your love spell on your date. Before you have sex (sex is mandatory at this stage of the spell), let the man take the lingerie off of you. That way the spell will give you the best result possible.

This ritual shouldn’t be performed if:

  • Your lover and his wife have children under 12 years of age;
  • They’ve been married for less than one year;
  • You haven’t had sex with your lover;
  • You’ve never orgasmed with your lover;
  • You have any reproductive system disorders;
  • You broke up because one of you had cheated on the other;
  • You and your lover live in different cities.

Simple spells to bring back a lover

Speaking of using magic to get a lover back, we can’t help mentioning women cheating on their husbands. If you want to make your husband less attentive, every time you’re going on a date with your lover wear something backwards, preferably your underwear. This simple ritual leaves men completely lost and confused. As a rule, spouses feel each other quite well. They can know what their spouse is doing at the moment simply by thinking about him or her. But when you’re wearing something backwards, you no longer match the mental model your spouse has created of you. As a result, he’ll be unable to feel you and will never know about your love affair. Before you come back home, take off whatever you were wearing backwards and put it back on and wear it the way it’s supposed to be worn.

There are more rituals to make your husband less attentive. One of them is performed using pink potatoes. It’s a very common kind of potatoes and you can easily find it in grocery stores. The only difference between regular potatoes and pink potatoes is the skin color. It’s pink with dark dots. You need 1 kilogram of pink potatoes. Also, you need a knife. It needs to be a magic knife made by a professional spellcaster. The last item you need is a magic bowl. If you can afford it, get a bowl made of some precious metal. If it’s too expensive for you, get a regular handmade bowl.

Fill the bowl with water and wash the potatoes in it for 7 minutes. While washing the potatoes, say:

“I’m washing off your suspicions regarding my infidelity of your heart like I’m washing the dirt off of the potatoes. Your suspicions will go away and never come back like the water is poured off the bowl. Your thoughts will be pure and your soul will be light. You (your husband’s name) will always trust me (your name), no matter what I do.”

Pour the water out and put the potatoes on a towel. Now peel the potatoes one by one using your magic knife. Peel each potato thoroughly and keep saying the following spell:

“I removed your anxieties like I peeled those potatoes. There’re no more suspicions left. I removed suspicion from your eyes like I cut out those dark dots from the potatoes. You’ll let me go anywhere I want. You won’t know whoever I meet. You won’t get suspicious no matter what I do. I’ll cut your jealousy like I’m cutting this potato into four pieces. You’ll trust me (your name). You’ll consider me (your name) a faithful wife.”

Now make some mashed potatoes. Add some salt, butter and spices, and serve for your husband to eat. If he can’t eat it all at once, service just a part of it and serve the rest later. When your husband eats all the potatoes, he’ll stop suspecting you of anything and will have full trust in you.

To get a lover back if you’re married, cast the following spell to bring back lover. Before telling you about it, let us tell you on what conditions this spell can be cast:

  • You haven’t had sex with your husband since you broke up with your lover;
  • Your lover hasn’t had sex with other women since you broke up;
  • The age difference between you and your husband is more than 5 years;
  • The age difference between you and your lover is less than 5 years;
  • You have no children;
  • Your lover didn’t leave you for another woman;
  • You, your lover and your husband have no mental health issues.

To begin with, make copies of all your favorite pictures from your family album. These should be couple pictures showing you and your husband together. Insert the copies into the album as the ritual needs to be performed using the original pictures. You need at least 12 couple pictures.​

Put several candles on the table – one candle for each year that you’ve been having a love affair. If you’ve been together for less than a year, cut a candle in half with a magic knife and use one half. Take your family pictures and a pair of scissors that you should buy the same day you perform this ritual, and look through the window. You should see a waning moon in the sky, so choose the date for your ritual accordingly. Now say to the moon:

“The moon is growing smaller and so is my husband’s role in my life. He (your husband’s name) won’t leave me. He (your husband’s name) won’t fall out of love with me. He (your husband’s name) won’t stop caring about me. My relationship with him just won’t stand in the way of my relationship with my lover (your lover’s name). When one bond grows smaller, the other one will become stronger. As my husband (your husband’s name) gives me more freedom, my lover (your lover’s name) will be attracted to me more than ever. I’m substituting one relationship with the other and you, Moon, help me with it.”

When you finish saying the spell, cut your pictures in half to separate you from your husband. Put the images of your husband into a bag and take it out. Put the bag in a garbage container located far from your house (to get there you should walk for least 20 minutes). Go back home, put out the candle (candles), and collect your images into a bag, and wait for a new moon.

When there is a new moon in the sky, take several pictures of your lover – one picture for each piece of the picture you have with your image. Light the candle or candles again and put it or them in front of yourself. Use sticky tape to put the pieces together (apply sticky tape to the front side). Then put the pictures together in a pile, put both of your hands on them, and say:

“Finally it’s happened. Now you can come to me because there is a vacant seat next to me. I (your name) have moved my husband away (your husband’s name) so you (your lover’s name) could always be near me.”

Usually it takes about a week for this spell to bring first results. If you broke up because of a serious fight, you may have to wait for up to three weeks. If your lover doesn’t come back to you within three weeks, use more radical measures, such as spells cast by a professional spellcaster.

Expert spell casters like Spellcaster Maxim have all the experience and tools to make sure your return spells are effective. Check more article


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