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The 9 Hottest Swimwear Trends for Summer 2023

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Get ready to dive into the hottest swimwear trends for summer 2023, and embrace your individuality while turning heads at every poolside gathering. This summer’s swimwear scene is all about making a statement. So, grab your sun hat, slather on some sunscreen, and check out these swimsuits that will elevate your summer style to new heights.

1. Mermaidcore Swimsuits

As the new “Little Mermaid” movie makes waves in entertainment, a lot of women are allowing Ariel’s beauty to inspire their 2023 swimwear with mermaidcore swimsuits. Whether you’re looking for shimmery fabrics or an Ariel-inspired bikini, get ready to add some ocean-themed emblems to your swimwear. Look for cute swimwear with details like seashells, glitter, and interesting jewels. You can add some accessories with nautical themes, like anchors, to complement this look.

2. Crochet Swimwear

Crochet continues to trend this summer. As many women wear crochet blouses, tank tops, and skirts, you can be a little more fashion-forward by adding crochet to your swimwear look. Crochet used to be synonymous with cozy sweaters and blankets. Now, it’s easily part of a bohemian chic look for the beach. If you’re looking for a great bathing suit, keep an eye out for crochet bikinis with beautiful woven details and designs. If you’re searching for a cover-up, there are tons of stylish crochet options in a number of colors. Look for options that have wooden beads and fringe hemlines for added flair.

3. Structured Styles

For those seeking a swimsuit with the benefit of supportive undergarments, swimsuits with structured cuts are an absolute must. These carefully crafted designs offer ample support and work their magic by concealing a larger waistline, creating a beautifully streamlined silhouette. From high-waisted bikini shorts that flatter your curves to lingerie-inspired bikini tops paired with supportive designs, these strategic cuts guarantee a flawless visual aesthetic that will leave you feeling confident and fabulous.

4. Long-Sleeved Swimsuits

If you’re a woman who doesn’t like to show off her arms, you’ll appreciate that the long-sleeved bathing suit trend is beginning to take center stage. You don’t have to worry about being too hot in the long-sleeved options as they are made to be comfortable in both the sun and water. Long sleeves also offer enhanced sun protection, shielding your arms from harmful UV rays and reducing the risk of sunburn.

5. Interesting Cutouts

If you’re a lover of the one-piece bathing suit, you can make sure it looks interesting and eye-catching with a few cutouts. Cutout areas create intriguing patterns and shapes on the swimsuit, instantly elevating your beach ensemble. Cutout swimsuits can highlight your best features while subtly drawing attention away from areas you may feel less confident about. Whether you choose one with an elegant cutout at the waistline to accentuate your hourglass figure or an artistic keyhole design to showcase your back, these swimsuits provide a customizable and flattering fit for every body type and are a hot trend for 2023.

6. One-Shoulder Styles

One-shoulder styles are trending with various cuts and designs. For a show-stopping look, remain on the lookout for one-shoulder options that feature ruffles and unique cuts in order to stand out from the rest. With interesting cuts and lines, you can elevate the look of the neckline. One-shoulder styles are also fun for those who want to create clean, simple lines with their swimwear. To go for a minimalistic look, use a one-shoulder style to add interest to a monochromatic bathing suit. As the ’90s minimalism trend continues in 2023, use a one-piece bathing suit with one shoulder as an opportunity to embrace multiple trends.

7. Halter-Style

The halter-style bathing suit will always remain a summer staple, primarily because of its convenience. When you’re a woman with a larger bust, it’s wise to invest in halter-style bathing suits as they tend to be more supportive. They’re also much easier to adjust. If you want your bust to look lifted and supported, you can simply use a tie-back halter option to readjust the look to your liking. Just make sure it’s the right size to avoid irritation on your neckline due to the weight of your bust. Even if you don’t have a large bust, halter cuts beautifully accentuate the décolletage and back.

8. Barely-There Bikinis

The less fabric the bikini has, the more in-style it’ll be. If you look at some of the most svelte celebrities on Instagram, you’ll see a lot of barely there bikini looks. Follow the trendy looks of stars like Julia Fox and Megan Thee Stallion to confidently wear string bikinis that don’t really provide much coverage on the top or the bottom. The high-waisted G-string look is a popular choice for bottoms. Look for a very high cut that doesn’t provide much coverage to achieve this sassy look.

9. Sequins

Whether you’re preparing for a dancing fest on a Saturday night or a grand New Year’s Eve celebration, a sequin-drenched garment is one of the most appropriate options due to its vibrant nature. If you’d like to instantly elevate your pool party outfit, rock a bathing suit that features beautiful sequins. Go for a Selena Gomez-inspired look with a sequin-adorned bustier with a high-waisted bikini bottom.

Tons of trendy accessories feature gorgeous sequins and beading to pair with more than just swimwear. Look for cover-ups with sequins that are intricately woven into the hemlines. Pair sequins with the fringe trend by looking for fringe bikinis covered in sequins. Since sequins look so festive, they’re a great way to bring some extra pizzazz to your look when you’re headed to the beach or a pool party.

Your Key to Unlocking the Trends

As long as you plan your look in advance, you can’t lose when you try any of these great ideas. Don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone as you try bolder options like sequins or cutouts. Paired with a fresh coat of lipstick and some sunscreen, you can beautifully adorn yourself with the swimwear trends of this summer.

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