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The cool style of distressed shoes and why they are all the rage right now – try sneakers

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When it comes to wearing sneakers, it can be easy to fall behind on the latest trends. One day it seems like the shiniest and audacious sneakers are the ideal fit.

Other times it seems like what is most popular is a pair of sneakers that have been sitting in the back of your parent’s garage for two decades.

When it comes to the latter, one of the most popular sneakers on the market right now is Golden Goose Sneakers. They’re low-top, laid back, and distressed and they look great with almost every outfit.

But why are they so popular right now specifically? Here are some of the top reasons why.

They are incredibly high quality

While they may look somewhat low quality because of their distressed aesthetic, they are actually made of some of the best materials used in sneakers. Every pair is made by hand by master cobblers and fine leathers – as opposed to synthetic fabrics – are used when they are made.

While it may seem odd for a pair of sneakers that look used to be so expensive, the reason why they cost so much is that they are made of the very best material.

They’re super comfortable

Another obviously important reason why Golden Goose Sneakers are so popular right now is simply – because they are so dang comfortable. Whether you live in a walking city and have to use your feet to get from Point A to Point B basically every day, or you simply want to be comfortable whenever you are on your feet, these sneakers are a great choice for you.

Golden Goose sneakers take the breaking-in period of wearing any new pair of sneakers completely out of the equation thanks to the brand breaking them in before they ever end up on your feet. For that reason, you will be ready to put them on, lace them up, and hit the streets for hours on end upon the first day that they arrive on your doorstep.

They boost your confidence

Look, if you are someone who loves to look good in the clothes that you own and wear so that you can boost your confidence a bit, whether you are meeting people for a business lunch or meeting a new potential romantic partner on a date, then you already know how much an article of clothing can boost your confidence.

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Golden Goose Shoes simply look cool, and by wearing them you will be giving off a sign that you care how you look and want to look your best. This will boost your confidence and help you feel most like yourself whenever you head out of your home and explore the world!


So, while Golden Goose Sneakers might be a bit expensive, there are a lot of reasons why. All you have to decide now is whether or not you are willing to pay the high price of a pair to enjoy owning one.

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