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Things You Should Know While Shopping For Tungsten Rings 

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Tungsten rings, known for their long-lasting polish and resistance to wear and tear, have attracted customers in recent years, particularly among males. They are now one of the most popular types of wedding bands available online. 

But, with so many businesses catching on to this trend, how will you choose which one to go with? 

Unfortunately, all tungsten carbide rings are not created by maintaining the same quality.

Here are some pointers that can help you to make the best tungsten ring purchase.

  • Look for a reputed place.

Besides their extraordinary hardness and polish, one of the main reasons for tungsten carbide rings’ rising popularity is their purchase’s “free” which make it a wonderful deal. However, don’t be deceived; not all “free” deals are free. 

  • Free Delivery: If you buy the ring, you get free shipping. If you decide to return it, your refund may be reduced by the cost of postage.
  • Money-back guarantee/refund for 30 days: There could be a hefty restocking or processing fee.
  • Free Lifetime Warranty/Sizing: Includes a costly “deductible” price, ranging from $50 to $75.

Few retailers provide truly free sizing and warranties with no further charges. However, these stores willing to provide high-quality services stand behind their rings’ quality and are sure that they will not disappoint.

  • Pricing

Tungsten rings are distinct from other precious metal rings because they are created differently. Individual molds are constructed for each ring style due to the high expense of gold and platinum.  The ring gets its last unique finished design by intensive effort, and machining, analogous to a statue carved out of a solid piece of rock. Thus, more time, labor, and effort will almost certainly result in higher-quality rings, resulting in greater costs. 

Superior tungsten rings costs more, and also implies higher quality. Rings that cost less than $100 normally represent reduced prices; also, they are of poor quality.

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  • Comfort 

The thickness of a ring has a big impact on how comfortable it feels when you wear it. While most vendors claim that their rings are a “comfort fit,” they are less willing to reveal they’re true thickness. 

Tungsten rings are frequently too thick to be comfortable in many situations. A tiny ring of metal around your finger feels and looks finer than a bolt.

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  • Craftsmanship 

Tungsten carbide rings are all handcrafted, so even the same style ring will not be the same; the final look and symmetry of the ring may differ significantly. Symmetry refers to the fact that one side of the ring should resemble the other as closely as feasible.  

For example, if there is a brushed center stripe on a tungsten ring, make sure it is not off-center unless made that way. In addition, the satin or brushed finish should be as consistent and exact as possible.


Tungsten rings are setting new standards all around the world these days. Intellirings take off all your worries, and you can consider it as the best place to go for Tungsten ring jewelry.

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