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Top Free Useful Websites All Students Should Know

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If you are a student, you know the kind of pressure you go through to score good grades. It seems like a never-ending struggle with homeworks, research papers, presentations, deadlines, tests, exams and whatnot. Along with it are the planning, research work, designing, proofreading, and assorted hours. But we are in the era of the internet which comes up with plenty of benefits for students. There are numerous websites out there offering free and paid resources and tools to make your lives easier. Let us focus on the free assignment help websites.

1. Diffchecker

Diffchecker can be useful in publishing plagiarism-free quality content. You can check the plagiarism accuracy at https://penmypaper.com/ as well. The tool compares two text files, excel sheets, images, or PDFs, and identifies and highlights the unique elements within a blink. It requires no registration and saves a lot of time by facilitating upload files option, instead of copy-pasting content.

2. Quizlet

This is a wonderful learning website that lets students dig through a pile of study materials in about 100 different subjects. These guides help in learning and memorizing quicker by displaying the content in fun interesting ways like MCQs, true or false, and other quiz methods, or through flashcards. You can even take practice tests and get free solutions to problems of over 60 subjects.

3. Studypool

Studypool is a 24×7 online homework help website that allows you to post questions and receive solutions from qualified and verified tutors. It is ideal for high school and college students. You can get a similar experience with the essay writer helper on eduhelphub where you can ask for answers by uploading your questions file.

4. The Khan Academy

This organization offers free learning tutorials and free online courses. Since this is a non-profit educational platform, its only motive is to educate students without the curb of payments.

5. LunaPic

Here is a cool tool to enhance your presentations. If you want a transparent background for an image and convert it into a PNG format, then LunaPic is the right place you should look into. It’s a free photo editing tool that requires no installation or registration and is super easy to use.

6. iTunes U

No Apple users must ignore this one. iTunes U provide free audio and video educational files for all Apple users. You can download content for free mobile phones and PC as well.

7. Google Docs

It is just like the MS Office, but the Google version. It lets you write down your assignments in a document file, presentations, spreadsheets, etc offering a wide variety of templates to give an enhanced result. There’s no worry of loosing your files, because everything will be saved in the cloud. You just have to log in to your Gmail and can get access through your devices anywhere you go.

8. Internet Archive

It is one of the best websites for college papers. Internet Archive is a non-profit internet library that contains a huge number of free books, websites, games, movies, and much other stuff widely helpful for students. No wonder this is one of the best tools of all. Free knowledge is no harm.

9. Grammarly

No matter how good and convincing your content is, if the grammar is flawed then there is a good chance to getting a low grade. The time doesn’t always permits, so you just need to download the Grammarly plug in or install it in your mobile devices and the tool will check and identify your grammatical errors, spellings and punctuations and will give you correct suggestions accordingly.

10. Academic Earth

In collaboration with a number of colleges, Academic Earth provides free online courses in degrees on a variety of niche subjects. The website contains videos, tutorials, and podcasts matching the interest of students.

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