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What are the latest trends in eyewear in 2021?

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There are so many eyewear trends filling down the streets of the UK right now. Eyeglasses are not a medical device that only corrects your vision. They have become this must-have fashion thing that even the people with perfect eyesight like to wear.

Whatever mood you find yourself in or whatever occasion you are off to, you can find an eyewear style to prep yourself up perfectly. But, having so many frames to choose from can be quite confusing or overwhelming. After all, you want to look your best and not some fashion twink.

To make sure that you nail every eyewear look in style, here are some of the most trendy frames that are shouting out loud in 2021. We are not here to only educate you on the latest eyewear trends, we will also tell you how to style these trendy frames with different outfits. So let’s get started.

Oversized glasses

If you are a fan of big and bold, the oversized trend will sit well with you. Recreated from your grandpa or granny’s retro frames, these glasses have thick frames and bold shapes for a fresh addition to your wardrobe. If you have a prescription, the wide lenses will only give you a wider field of vision.

You may wear oversized glasses as gaming glasses if you spend so much time on your devices. You only need to add a blue light filter on the lenses and you are sorted.

If you have just started school or college, you would probably be struggling with finding your style. Wearing oversized glasses in thick black frames will make you look like a nerd. So, if you are up for this style, you are good to go.

Women may choose to wear these bulky frames in cat-eye style. Let your inner Audrey Hepburn shine and wear cat-eye shaped oversized glasses with pride.

Transparent glasses

Wearing a transparent frame is the best way to look your stylish best without giving up on your comfort or simplicity. Since these glasses have such a minimalist appeal, they will look well with simple outfits in light hues. Do not go for a full face of makeup as it will throw off the minimalist charm.

Men may choose to wear their transparent glasses with semi-formal attires. If you have a 9 to 5 job, add blue light filters on the lenses and turn your designer frames into blue light glasses. It will protect your eyes from screen light and keep away the vicious symptoms of digital eye strain.

Metal glasses

Metal glasses are always chic and elegant. With their sleek design and fine finish, metal frames are a piece of work and should be on your list if you are building a modern wardrobe. Whether you wear cat-eye glasses or geometric glasses in metal frames, everything becomes a little more sophisticated.

Round metal glasses frames for women are all the rage in eyewear this year. While the curvy silhouette accentuates your angular features, the soft appeal gives you an innocent look.

Tortoiseshell glasses

Now comes the chameleon of eyewear – tortoiseshell glasses. These are a timeless classic frames that goes with just about anything you wiggle into.

When you have these glasses, you don’t have to think much about styling them. Want to take your floral mini dress for a spin, let your tortoiseshell frames take care of the styling. From casuals to formal, these frames syncronise with every outfit. Men may wear these glasses with formal attires or smart casuals like a basic button-down oxford and chinos.

Round glasses

Retro is back in full style. First cat-eye, then tortoiseshell and now round specs, has somebody turn back the time? Anyways, round glasses are a powerhouse of fashion and your favourite celebs are already head over heels for this trend. Supermodels such as Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid are already favouring round specs to nail killer looks.

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For a wide styling choice in round glasses, order glasses online. You will find several frame materials to choose from. Step up your style game and glam up 2021 with round glasses.

Whether narrow or oversized, eyewear trends 2021 include every frame style to help you look your absolute best. If you don’t have bold style choices, skip on the oversized glasses trend and go for something simple such as transparent or tortoiseshell glasses.

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