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What’s the Best Gemstone for an Eternity Ring?

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Eternity rings are a beautiful piece of jewellery, typically given to commemorate a significant even or achievement, like a prominent anniversary or a promotion. But what’s the best gemstone for an eternity ring?Let’s have a look at the classic antique eternity rings, the modern twists, and the potential future of eternity rings.

Classic Options

The eternity rings we know and love today were kickstarted by the notorious De Beers company, who began marketing their eternity rings in the 1960s. From the minds of the brilliant diamond engagement ring ad campaign with the tag line: ‘a diamond is forever’, the De Beers company did not disappoint. The target demographic for eternity rings was married couples, intending to market it as the perfect anniversary gift. De Beers hit another homerun with this slogan:

She married you for richer or poorer. Let her know how it’s going.

With the silky smoothness of something straight out of a Mad Men episode, this ad was massively successful, to the point where you won’t find a decent jeweller’s on Earth that doesn’t have a selection of eternity rings. The origins of De Beers’ intention with making and selling eternity rings came from the need to find a way of selling small diamonds in a time when large, cocktail-style diamond rings were the go-to for proposals.

Yes, diamonds are the classic, ‘original’ gemstone for eternity rings, as they are with so many pieces of now timeless jewellery. Diamond jewellery is usually reserved for marriage-related gifts, but they certainly don’t need to be. Although diamonds are indeed expensive, they can be a celebration of more than just a loving couple. In fact, eternity rings are frequently given between parents and children, as well as best friends. You can choose one from heeracollections.com.au as they offer accessories with classy and stunning look for both regular and special occasions.

Beyond diamonds, though, what are the options when it comes to the best gemstones for eternity rings?

Modern Twists

The most popular modern twists on eternity rings are sapphires and rubies. Whether the sapphires are paired with diamonds, paired with rubies, or on their own, sapphires have become one of the most popular gemstones in the last decade or so. Perfect for peoplewho like something a little different, eternity rings with less traditional gemstones are the best sort of gift they can receive.

For people who don’t want the cost or the semantics of diamonds, eternity rings featuring coloured gemstones are a good choice. Perhaps you aren’t married to the intended recipient of the gift, or you know they have a preferred gemstone or colour. It’s definitely more important that you get a gemstone that suits the person you want to wear the ring. The best gemstones for eternity rings are the ones that the wearer will love the most. Everybody loves diamonds, there are no doubts there, but sometimes they aren’t the best choice.

Another modern take on eternity rings is having patterns of gemstones. Sometimes, this is one diamond that is set more prominently, or is larger in size, with coloured gemstones forming the rest of the neat eternity ring. These patterns can also be a series of different gemstones creating a pattern of colours or shapes depending on their cut. A popular pattern at the moment is having gemstones that create a rainbow, such as: ruby, orange topaz, citrine, emerald, sapphire, tanzanite, and amethyst. A truly stunning array of colours that’s sure to be appreciated by anyone with eyes.

The Future of Eternity Rings

It’s difficult to say what the future holds for eternity rings. They seem like the type of jewellery that should have always existed. They have a lot of appealing traits, whether it’s the beauty of a classic line of diamonds all in a row, or something a little different, with coloured gemstones and various patterns involved.

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Eternity rings are a good gift for a huge array of occasions; if there’s something to celebrate, there’s a reason to buy an eternity ring. As trends progress forward, it seems more likely that future generations will be less consumed about material possessions. Nevertheless, there’s no reason to believe that eternity rings are going anywhere any time soon. Instead, the reasons for purchasing eternity rings are more likely to change. Most people today receive eternity rings when they’ve been married for a certain amount of time. In the future, however, it seems as though eternity rings are going to be given for a variety of reasons.

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Events like special birthdays are typically a good reason to treat someone to some jewellery. Particularly for birthdays like the 18th and 21st. These are often celebrations of a person going from being a ‘child’ to an ‘adult’, and so important jewellery is a befitting gift to commemorate such a transition.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what the reason is for buying an eternity rings, its beauty is enough on its own to qualify as a worthwhile purchase. The best gemstones eternity rings have always been thought to be diamonds, with their strength and sparkle making them a true standout. It doesn’t have to be that way, however, as the truly ‘best’ gemstones are the ones that you like the most.

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