If you’re thinking of stocking Cuban Chains, you’ve come to the right place. While some shops offer only Cuban chains, many more are now offering a wide variety of styles. Here are a few of the most popular styles. Which ones do you stock? Read on to learn more about your options! Hopefully, you’ll find some pieces that will fit your style and budget!

Curb link

The curb link is a simple, classic chain design that features flat, interlocking links. Originally a men’s style, the curb link evolved into smaller, lighter styles. There are two basic types of curb links: open and closed. Open curb links are more common than closed ones. They have grooves on both ends. Both are great choices for accentuating a chain bracelet or necklace. Curb links are often made of copper, brass, or steel.

A classic curb chain is both functional and stylish. While a classic chain may be basic, curb links have their own unique style. A classic chain with two links on either side does not have to be boring or basic. It can add an element of sophistication to any ensemble. These chains are available in many different metals and can be made to match any type of jewelry you may wear. These chains are also popular for their affordability. They contain less silver than solid chains, but still give off the same look.

Miami Cuban link

The classic Cuban link chain style is also known as the Miami Cuban link. It is a chain that interlocks with links of the same shape, either round or oval. This link style originated from the Cuban community in Miami. Other forms of this chain are the Prong Link and the Cuban link. The latter creates a woven square design. Both types are stylish and will make a statement in any outfit. These chains are available in various materials, including solid gold and 10k PVD plating.

Miami Cuban links are typically thicker than other chains due to the interlocking design, which makes thin links appear more substantial. They are also available in white gold, rose gold, and pink gold. Many people buy a Miami Cuban link chain to match a pendant. These chains are durable and will last for years to come. Those who wear them often wear matching pendants. The Miami Cuban link chain is a classic piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime.

Flat Curb Cuban link

The flatter the front surface of the Curb chain link, the more movement it will have. Generally, ice is placed on certain areas of the chain link, like the front surface. However, if you’re wearing a necklace with pave diamonds, too much movement can loosen the diamonds. So, if you want your pave diamonds to remain intact, a flat Curb chain is the way to go.

Another difference between Cuban and Curb chain is their density. While Cuban chains have a thicker, woven appearance, the Curb chain has finer, thinner links. The resulting chain is heavier and more flexible than its counterpart. Whether you’re looking for a necklace with a bold, modern look, or something that’s more delicate and subtle, the Curb chain will be the right choice for you.


A figaro cuban chain has three or two small circular links and a single large oval link. The design is distinctly different from other cuban link chains, which feature more uniform links. Figaro chains are often thicker, and are the heaviest on the market. However, if you’re looking for a lighter chain, you can always opt for a Cuban link chain. This type of chain is not only lightweight, but is also extremely durable.


The name of this type of chain may be derived from operas. It may be inspired by Giachino Rossini’s opera The Barber of Seville or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro. The name of this type of chain may be a reference to one of these famous operas. In any case, the name is a recognizable one, and you can find many examples online.


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