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3 Tips to Style Your Jewelry in a Classy Way

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Many ladies aspire to be a classier and more elevated version of themselves. That being said, you need to remember that being classy is an art. It’s everything to do with how you behave, look, behave and last but now least, dress. Generally, it also relies on how others perceive you. What you wear is essential. However, your jewelry can easily make or break your entire look. If you choose to wear too little or no jewelry, you risk looking unpolished or plain.

On the flip side, too many pieces will make you look tacky and like you are trying too hard. The best solution is to have just the right balance and, in the end, stand out from the crowd as an elegant lady. Here are a few tips to get you started when it comes to styling your pieces of jewelry.

  1. Layer the pieces correctly

One of the easiest ways to look classy in your jewelry is to layer them carefully and correctly. The beauty is that you can also mix them up depending on your style personality. The secret is to ensure that you strike the right balance when mixing your September birthstone jewelry with the other pieces.

You could layer short and long pieces while paying attention to your neckline. This also goes for things such as bracelets and rings. Pair your thin dainty bracelet with a chunky one; to make a statement.

  1. Accessorize for the occasion

The second tip to look classy in your jewelry is to consider the occasion when adorning yourself. For everyday wear, minimal jewelry will work well. Try to stay away from costume jewelry for your office wear. Instead, opt for pieces like a sleek bracelet, a dainty necklace, and some small diamond studs. Often, diamonds are worn to night events, but this could change depending on the design and size of the piece.

It is imperative to consider the dress code when picking your jewelry if there’s one. When attending a formal event, take out your pearls, emeralds, and other precious stones. Even though you can wear the more elaborate jewels, avoid overwhelming your look with too many. When wearing a set, don’t put on all the pieces at once to avoid looking matchy.

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If you want to make a statement with your oversized jewelry, go with one item only. Whatever you do, ensure that your jewelry doesn’t overshadow your personality.

  1. Mix your metals properly

If you want to look elegant at an event, you need to mix your metallic pieces correctly. As someone who likes to experiment with their jewelry, mixing your metals will give you a contemporary and put-together stylish vibe. For instance, you can combine your diamond pieces with the platinum ones. You could also mix white gold with sterling silver pieces.

However, mixing white gold and yellow gold or silver and gold pieces may not give you great results. The contrast might end up being too harsh hence ruining your entire appearance.

These are just a few tips to consider when putting on jewelry daily or for any occasion. The right jewelry will always accentuate your beauty and personality. Also, go for high-quality pieces that last long.

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