Every guy wants a tailor, and with elegance for the bigger man it is no different. Since you’re past standard sizes and perhaps most probably can buy a suit off the sales rack, bypass the boutique instantly and then see the man with the measuring tape and thread. 

Made-to-measure tailoring or bespoke, where you may choose everything including button shade to lapel breadth, will cost more than a retailer suit but this will fit you like a glove.

And a fine cloth in a timeless shade will last you through the centuries. For trousers, choose a complete break on your pants, with the pants skimming the ankle or a bit smaller.

When buttoned, the jacket must cut the shoulders cleanly and lay even with no dragging, hiding the belly or from’ beautifully.  In this article we’ll be sharing top 4 do’s that you must keep in view if you are a big and tall man; 

  • Opt For Fervent Fabric

The big and tall clothes must be made up of light but durable materials. If the materials are too thick, they will plump out your frame; if they are too thin, they will reveal your bulges. 

Choose wool, cashmere, or silk over polyester for suits, pieces, coats, and knitwear. Heat is retained by heavy, inexpensive textiles, which leads to greater sweating.

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Tees, tanks, and pants all need a little quantity of polyester, but everything needs a little proportion of cotton. The synthetic fiber can help with longevity and robustness, and also shape and crinkle reduction. 

In short, choose smooth, natural fibers (with a hint of polyester) that drape tight to the body without appearing hefty. Selvedge denim is ideal for jeans because it molds to your body for a personalized fit. But persevere through the first several months of discomfort, when the denim can be tight.

Natural materials will cool you down, and constructed of a solid fabric, will produce a smooth finish from the waistline to the bottom, which is an important requirement with fashion for the bigger guy.

  • Belts are preferable to braces.

Belts are the ideal accessories for skinny and tall men. These can help you get a nice look through your body while also breaking up your look. Braces that connect directly to the body provide the illusion of being taller. These might also make you appear heavier by drawing attention to your tummy. Choose brighter or contrasting colours depending on the setting.

  • Put on more daring footwear.

Look for more daring shoes with vibrant colors and materials that will distract attention away from your stature. You can wear any style or color of shoe you choose, but avoid loud shoes that will make you look like a clown.

  • Wear Large Accessories

Symmetry is highly vital for a big man. Replace a fragile plastic ballpoint for a sturdy ballpoint pen, and leave your watch faces on the bigger end.

Big, heavy accessories (particularly watches and bow ties) are also perceived as “power” objects, indicating the wearer’s dominance and authority, which is precisely what you want coupled with your size. 


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