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5 Healthy Hair Hacks to Volumize Your Hair Instantly

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Some women suffer from hair thinning, while some have fine hair strands. Yet, these hair issues can somehow make them look ages older. Unfortunately, thickening your tresses using your shampoo for hair growth and thickness would require weeks or months to take effect. Hence, most women would resort to faster treatments or methods which might not be the healthiest for their hair.

However, you can always fake it until you make it. For instance, volumizing your hair will help give the impression of having thicker and denser hair. To make this happen, check out the following helpful tips or ways to instantly volumize your thinning locks.

Five Hair  Hacks: How to Volumize Your Hair Right Away

Do you want to make your hair look thicker as soon as possible? Find out and try these five hair hacks on volumizing your hair ASAP.

1. Blow-drying your hair upside-down

Blow-drying is one of the fastest ways to volumize your hair. By doing this hair hack, the air goes against the direction of your locks, forcing your roots to stand. Hence, your hair strands get lifted, thereby giving your hair extra volume immediately.

2. Twisting your hair with rollers or curlers

Rollers are not only used for curling your hair but these tools can also be used to volumize your hair. The more hair strands you twist in every roller, the bigger and looser the curls would be, making your hair puffier and bouncier. To make this step even more easy-peasy, you can blow-dry your rollers before using them. You can also use hot rollers instead if you don’t want to spend much time primping your hair.

3. Adding hair extensions

If you want to achieve having denser hair, you may opt to add some hair extensions. You can buy clip-in hair extensions and use them to elongate or thicken your fine hair. However, ensure that these extra hair strands can blend well with your hair’s current color, or it will seem pretty obvious and fake. It would also be best to brush your hair after clipping those extensions for flawless blending.

4. Teasing your hair

Got no time for blow-drying or curling? Don’t worry, for your brush has your back! Back-combing or teasing is also an effective yet quick way to rev up your hair strands. However, you should be gentle when doing this hair hack, for it can damage your hair cuticles if done forcefully or carelessly. So, how will you do that? First, make sure that your hair is dry enough because wet hair is very delicate. After that, divide your hair into thin sections so that you can backcomb your hair effortlessly. Don’t forget to spritz some texturizing spray on your hair so that you can tease your tresses with minimal damage.

5. Use volumizing products.

If the other tricks don’t work, you may opt to use some volumizing products, such as mousses, sprays, or pomades, which will give your hair an instant and long-lasting lift. In five minutes or less, you’ll be able to give your hair strands enough strength to stand up and look more volumized. You can even use volumizing products to add extra volume for your hairstyle.

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Make Your Hair Commercial-Worthy Using a Hair Thickening Shampoo.

Having fine hair does have some advantages. You can quickly dry your hair, and it will most likely appear more lustrous compared to having thicker hair. Unfortunately, it can also appear flat or lifeless most of the time, which can bring your confidence down. Luckily, there are hair hacks that can volumize your hair instantly, but they can only serve as band-aid solutions. So, what should you then? The best thing you can do is improve your hair’s quality, density, and thickness. Therefore, turn your hair into commercial-worthy tresses for good by using the best hair-thickening shampoos and conditioners.

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