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5 Instances When Bollywood Stars Wore Y2K Clothing

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Fashion trends from the 2000s, better known as Y2K fashion is making a comeback like no other. While most trends have come back with an updated look, like bucket hats and mini bags, some are still struggling to be accepted- like lower rise jeans. All said and done, fashion has a way of coming back to our wardrobes and these Indian celebs are not complaining. Watch how some of your favourite celebrities chose to embrace the newest Y2K clothing trends.

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1. Mini Bag

Mini bags were huge in the 2000s and are back with a bang in 2021. Priyanka Chopra chose to opt for this white mini bag from the international fashion label Jacquemus. She used the bag to finish her breezy floral look for a day out in town. Chopra’s elegant use of the Y2K trend was a truly refreshing take on styling mini bags.

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Recreate this look:

To recreate this y2k clothing look, pick your favourite floral dress to start with. Something to keep in mind when opting for accessories that will make a statement is to keep the colour palette in sync with that of your outfit. Whether you use neutrals or a vibrant colour that matches your outfit, make sure to go for minimal jewellery so your statement bag stands out.

1. Scarf Top

Janhvi Kapoor styled the favourite of the 2000s- the scarf top with a monotone twist. She paired this vibrant green scarf top from the homegrown label Summer Somewhere with matching pants from the same label and some Y2K-inspired beaded jewellery to finish the look. If you have a satin scarf, recreating the scarf top is super easy, all you need to do is fold the scarf into a triangle and give it a secure tie at the back.

Recreate this look:

Scarf top looks are really effortless because all you need is a simple scarf! Square shaped scarfs will be a super versatile pick as they can help you create the triangular effect similar to the most popular drapes you see. All you need to do is give it a secure tie at the back and you’re good to go! Don’t you think that’s much better than getting an actual scarf top?

1. Bucket hat

Bucket hats are probably the easiest Y2K accessory to style, so it’s not surprising that there’s a line-up of celebrities flaunting the trend. While Ananya Panday opts for a denim bucket hat for a laid back look, Alia Bhatt opts for a quirky twist with a colourful one. Janhvi Kapoor and Ranbir Singh have also taken to the bucket hat trend in their unique way.

Recreate this look:

There are so many bucket bags out there that you’ll definitely feel spoiled for choice, but it really depends on the kind of look you’re going for so you make the right choice. For a more feminine look opt for pastel hues or floral prints, for a more understated vibe, neutral and earthy colours can be your winners whereas neon and vibrant colours can complete a quirky look!

1. Velour Tracksuit

The years of spotting celebs with matching velour tracksuits are truly unforgettable and here’s who is bringing it back. Kiara Advani was recently spotted in a comfy black velour tracksuit set. While the silhouette is quite updated, you can trust 2021’s velour sets to be just as comfy and stylish!

Recreate this look:

Don’t you think this Y2K clothing style instantly transforms you to the 2000s? Your tracksuit look, however, might need a few updates so you don’t look like you’re straight out of the 2000s. While the low waist was all the rage during this time, today’s tracksuit can be one with a high waist and a cropped length for the jacket. Pair it up with a neutral sports top and this look will be all this Y2K chic!

1. Double Denim

While double denim is hardly something that can go out of style, this Y2K clothing trend is making quite the buzz more recently. Deepika Padukone was recently spotted in a high fashion double denim look in true streetwear style. She opted for denim pieces with a similar wash, and overall baggy silhouette and topped it off with black kitten heels, all in all, a true Y2K moment!

Recreate this look:

There’s no secret that double denim is a classic look. To keep things in the classic space, add a neutral layer to the mix and pair it with a denim jacket and jeans. The easiest way to win this look is to stick to the same colour or wash of denim. Alternatively, you can also opt for a sharp contrast in the shades of blue you pick for your double denim look.

Y2K fashion is super fun to experiment with and these Bollywood celebs are proving exactly that! So which look did you love the most and which one will you be sporting next?

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