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5 Ways to Prepare Your House for Your First Pet

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The excitement that comes with bringing home your first pet is surely unmatched. The outburst of love and affection can make you overlook some important things which should always be considered prior to inviting your pet to your house. You need to have answers for questions such as ‘Is my home safe for a pet?’, ‘Who will be cleaning its litter?’ if it is a kitten or ‘Who will be taking it out for walks?’ if it is a puppy and many more.

As you would welcome a newborn child into your house by babyproofing and stocking up on essentials, the same way you would want to treat your first pet as well. There are numerous factors that need your attention so that is why here at We Buy Any House, we have tried to compile some of the most important ways that you can prepare for the transition in your life and home.

1. Pet-Proof Your House

You may not have thought of certain things in your home in a way that they could pose a danger to you, but it is different for a pet. You need to make sure you remove any hazardous items and hide others that can potentially be harmful to your new little furry creature. Anything from domestic substances like washing liquid to electrical cord where your pet may get tangled should be tucked away from it. Also, ensure that poisonous food and small items which can be swallowed are hidden as well.

2. Reconsider House Plants

If you are a big house plant lover, you may need to kiss most of your favourite plants goodbye as a good percentage of them are extremely toxic to dogs and cats. It can be hard to hide them or keep them away from your pet as they appear very attractive to animals. Most like to chew on them so it is vital that you do your research and find out which ones can be harmful to your pet and which ones are not. There are still some pet-friendly options of course so you can still have some indoor plants but being mindful of them is one way to ensure your pet is well cared and prepared for. Veterinary patient monitors are more than accessories for surgery. They ensure that during any surgery or procedure that requires an anesthetic. Veterinarians and technicians can watch patient vitals to identify potential problems and prevent them before they become serious.

3. Set Their Personal Space

As you would create a separate space for a baby, you want to do the same for your first pet as well. Having their own personal bed, food trays and play areas is important to establish in the beginning. These animals should be taught how and where to do their daily tasks and it is up to you to set those for them. Whether you want your pet to roam freely around the house and sleep in your bed or you want them to have a designated personal space is your decision but making sure that you are consistent and persistent with your choice would only show positives in your pet.

4. Stock Up on Essentials

Researching what kind of food your pet will require is important to do prior to welcoming it to your home. Stock up not only on food and treats but also essential toys, litter and whatever your pet may need in the beginning. For kittens, for example, you would want to get a scratching board unless you want to have all your furniture scratched and ruined. For puppies, it might be worth getting a chewing toy as their teeth are rougher and grow quite quickly or loads of poop bags for your walkies. Perhaps, if you are getting a very young pet, you must have a carrier bag as well. Going to those vet appointments can become a nightmare if your pet gets nervous and uneased so be prepared with some sort of a cage to keep them in.

5. Secure Windows and Doors

Our furry friends really do love the outside and there are many times when they would try to make an escape to the wild outdoors. No matter what pet you may choose to have, it is essential to secure all windows, doors and mosquito netting. When leaving your pet on its own you must always close all windows and balcony doors as you never know what they may do. Another thing for those getting a cat, always close the toilet seat because for some reason toilet water is very appealing to them.

Welcoming your first pet into your house can be challenging and it will definitely make you more cautious about everything around you. It is a lot of work owning a furry friend which is why you should not take the decision lightly. Hopefully these tips will help your transition run as smoothly as possible.

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