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6 Ways On How To Turn PDF Pages Into PPT Slides

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When you are asked to prepare for a presentation on your clients or in the class, Powerpoint Presentation is the staple platform for it. Powerpoint provides the creator to choose themes, transition, and be able to insert images. This also allows the audience to interact with the speaker with the help of the creativity of the creator.

When you are finding information on the net, some modules are in the form of a PDF. Hence, this will be a hassle for the creator to copy some information from the PDF and will take a time to put all the content in a Powerpoint slide. Since there are PPT to PDF conversion tools available online for the creation of modules hence, there are also PDF to PPT conversion tools available!

In this article, there are various methods that you can use for the conversion of PDF to PPT slides that can help you ace your class presentation!

1. Convert PDF using PDFBear

PDFBear is the top-rated online PDF tool nowadays. It is a PDF to PPT converter that allows users to change their files’ formats. As the corporate world pushes to go paperless, the usage of tools online is a necessity for the contribution to the development. 

Various factors could benefit from changing our documents into a PDF format. Since one cannot easily edit the documents you’ve made once you save them as PDF, having online conversion tools will save us from having the opportunity to get some information from it and change it to Powerpoint slides.

2. Convert PDF using Wondershare PDFelement

Using the Wondershare PDF element, you just have to import the file you wish to convert then after opening the file, go to the “Convert tab” and click on the “to the PPT button” afterward, a pop-up window will appear to set up the conversion.

Set the properties in the windows as you prefer then click the convert button.

Wondershare PDFelement includes everything that you will need for the conversion of your PDF. Wondershare allows you to easily create, edit, convert, annotate, protect, merge, watermark, compress, and sign industry-standard PDF files. It helps you to maximize your work with PDF. 

3. Convert PDF to PPT using GIRDAC PDF Converter Pro

GIRDAC PDF Converter Pro is an exploit application for converting PDF documents to other formats. It extracts images from PDF documents. It converts scanned PDFs in English through OCR technology which other conversion tools cannot cater to as it creates PDF documents from any printable file. 

As it converts PDF documents, it can still retain the format with text, columns, tables, and images. As it converts PDF documents, it picks out text, columns, tables, and images with format while leaving no page gaps. Unlike other tools, the images convert PDF documents by picking images only, and OCR: Converts scanned PDF documents through OCR that makes converted documents easily editable and able to be copied and pasted on PPT slides.

4. Convert PDF using Able2Extract Professional.

If you are working on a professional level that needs high-quality conversion results, make sure to try to free the latest version of Able2Extract Professional. You won’t need to worry about whether it’s compatible with your operating system. It is ensured that this desktop PDF suite is cross-platform compatible. 

With only a few steps, Able2Extract Professional allows you to turn entire presentations or individual slides from PDF to Powerpoint.

With Microsoft PowerPoint, you can create persuasive and engaging presentations together with Able2Extract Professional, you can quickly transfer non-editable slides from PDF to PowerPoint and build your presentations in a more efficient and high-yielding way.

 5. Convert PDF using Adobe Acrobat Converter for Macintosh

Since some of the users are a user of Macintosh, Adobe Acrobat Converter for Macintosh is a free converter from Adobe Acrobat that will help you. It has powerful conversion features when it comes to speed and accuracy.

Even if you are a first-time user, it is easy to operate and handle. It allows you to simply drag files into the interface, and then arrange them in the way that you want them to be converted into.


Given that consistent innovation and development are behind the growth of any business and industry, the relay of ideas and information is essential. From concept to design, there are numerous platforms for conveying your ideas that will feature ground-breaking projects. One constructive tool is using a PowerPoint presentation. Microsoft PowerPoint has become a quality tool for constructing and presenting business ideas and information.

When used in conjunction with the PDF format, the advantages of using PowerPoint expands. The most important benefit for the presenter is the ability to use both formats for constructing, sharing, and displaying their PowerPoint presentation more efficiently.

We hope this article has helped you in doing your presentations! Make sure to share it with your friends. 

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