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60s Style Clothing: Is It Back For 2021?

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One of the consequences of the pandemic and things that people missed that is often overlooked is the chance to dress up.

Whilst a couple of us found ourselves overdressing to pop to the supermarket, and some just carried on with our day in our pyjamas.

Now that we find ourselves released from our isolation, we are starting to experiment and get creative with our style and fully embrace the bold, experimental fashion of the ’60s style clothing on the rise.

For a hot minute, the ’90s nostalgia made a complete comeback dominating the fashion world and the high street with low rise flare jeans, von-dutch caps and scrunchies becoming more and more popular. Still, it seems that trend is done, as now we see the emergence for all things groovy.

So what trends are clothing items making a comeback? How can you embrace the 60’s trend, and why is it good to shop for those authentic throwback vintage items?

How Can You Embrace The ’60s?

Bright and bold, decorative prints are very sixties. If you are looking for subtle ways to introduce this trend, we suggest experimenting with patterns.


A patterned shirt or slip dress is a great way to give the nod to the sixties in your wardrobe whilst keeping it still modern by matching it with modern accessories to create your very own sixties/contemporary fusion.

As well as the bright and bold patterns, more and more people are saying goodbye to skinny jeans.


For both women and men high waisted straight and flared styles are now the go-to, with even the big fashion label such as Dior and Saint Laurent opting for less “skinny-stretch” and more “high-rise flare” reminiscent of the boho style for 60’s women and British mod styles for men.

So on your next denim shop, explore looser and straighter style options for denim; not only is it comfier, it’s again another subtle nod to the ’60s.

It’s Not Just Fashionable; It’s Sustainable

As well as being the latest fashion trend, if you are shopping and making the conscious effort to purchase authentic vintage 60’s clothing items, you are helping wage and show your support for the fight against fast fashion.

Fast fashion truly is destroying our planet, with The fashion industry being responsible for 8% of carbon emissions. By shopping and sustainable vintage fashion, you are helping reduce the demand for fast fashion and build your wardrobe with high-quality, unique items and a good deal.

60’s clothing was ultimately a symbol of rebellion against political constraints and social boundaries of the time. It is no wonder why we are now seeing an emergency of 60’s clothing again in 2021.

With lockdowns lifting and people being allowed to go out and have fun again, 60’s vintage-clothing is reminiscent of liberation and pure freedom that we all now feel.

So feel free to embrace the fashion of the ’60s; not only is it hot right now, but it’s fun and creates a sense of you being in control and liberty, all of which is very relevant to the times we live in today.

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