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A review of the Rollover Requirements for Slots Offers 

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Oftentimes you players out there want to come home from work, or just take a break from daily life and pull some slots, feel that rush, that excitement that comes with the potential of winning that big jackpot. What can be frustrating is when you sit down to pull some games at WizardSlots and you’re met with all of this gambling terminology.

Playthroughs, Reload bonus, pay lines, it all can seem a little overwhelming at times, and you don’t want to misunderstand anything in case it costs you money! One of the biggest offenders of this confusion is the phrase ‘rollover requirements. What does it mean, why do games use it, and how does it affect you? Well, let’s take a look and crack the code of roll over requirements once and for all. 

What is a Rollover Requirement? 

Well, to put it simply, a rollover requirement is the amount of times a player must bet their initial deposit, before they are allowed to withdraw any of their winnings. In some cases, players are able to withdraw their winnings before the rollover requirement is met, but they might find themselves penalized either financially or in the progression of the slot game. Rollover Requirements are active during all different types of bonuses whether that’s: 

  Welcome bonuses

  Reload Bonuses

  Free Bets

Gambling Insurance 

 So, let’s look at an example of a situation in which a rollover requirement is applied. 

Rollover Requirement Example: 

If the slot bonus is 50%, and the player has deposited £100, they will receive a bonus of £50, making their total £150. Let’s say there is a X5 rollover requirement on this bonus. This means that a player will have to wage or win 5 times their initial bet (£100) before they are allowed to withdraw their winnings. So in this case the player will have to win £500, before they can withdraw the money, or they have to deposit enough times to reach the sum of £500. 

  1. £100 Deposit
  2. £50 bonus with X5 rollover requirement
  3. Deposit or win £500 to withdraw your winnings. 

Review of Rollover Requirements 

It is easy to see why developers have systems such as rollover requirements built into their games. Without them, it would be much less difficult for players to withdraw large amounts of money given to them through different types of bonuses. So, instead of limiting the bonuses that developers offer, they devise a way of making sure the players spend that money, and more in the online slot game. Whilst it is more fun for the players to receive big bonuses, it can sometimes be seen as a way of ‘beefing up’ the bonus elements of a game aesthetically, whilst actually offering much less of a bonus in reality. When all is said and done, players know what they’re signing up for, and big bonuses certainly play into glamour that comes with gambling, but at times developers could be a little more transparent, especially with their gambling terminology!

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