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Aiming for Women Empowerment Using Fashion Styling

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According to Statista, the global retail market for clothing and footwear has reached $1.9 trillion in 2019 and is projected to increase to over $3 trillion in 2030. With the internet greatly influencing the economic and social activities of consumers, the eCommerce industry has seen a steady increase in demand for retail goods. This is especially true with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fashion has always been part of society. While it is true that giving too much emphasis on clothing is like upholding more value on superficial stuff, we cannot deny how fashion is significant in every culture.

Apart from that, fashion also fulfills our human needs. Do you remember Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? Clothes give us basic protection from cold and harm. It also fulfills our need to feel we belong in a group. Also, clothing satisfies our need to self-actualize.

Clothing Is Empowering

More than just fulfilling our physiological needs for warmth and protection, clothing serves other functions in our lives. One reason we wear certain clothing is to express our thoughts and feelings. Notice how angsty teenagers dress up mostly in black, with high boots, dark makeup, and edgy accessories. It is a way for teens to express their desire to break from the social norms.

Another reason for dressing in a particular way is to fulfill our desire to seek beauty. Since time immemorial, humans have had this innate desire to know and recognize what is beautiful. We all want to look good. And one way to fulfill this need is in the way we dress.

Lastly, we dress in a certain way to satisfy our need for belongingness. For instance, lady Roman Catholic churchgoers wear veils, and Harley Davidson bikers don sleeve tattoos and leather jackets.

In essence, our sense of fashion reflects who we truly are and how we want others to perceive us.

Letting Your Fashion Style Empower You

In a micro setting, have you noticed that whenever you are going through something through life, be it good or bad, your wardrobe somehow plays a significant part in turning your negative attitude into a positive one?

With that in mind, here are some ways you can let your fashion style make you feel empowered.

Don Your Favorite Outfit

We all have our favorite look. It could be something artsy, casual, chic, Bohemian, sexy, grunge, vintage, and many others. Whenever you feel down or need a boost of confidence, go ahead and wear your favorite look. One good reason dressing up in your favorite look can make you feel good is that it highlights some of your best features. So if you are nervous about an interview, wear your favorite heels and blazer.

Purchase a New Accessory Piece

Do not just stop with apparel. Accessorize as well to complete your look. Adding a piece to your look adds highlight and accent. So, why not get a new pair of shoes that goes well with your trousers, or buy jewelry pieces like stackable silicone rings or stud earrings? Shoes and jewelry pieces are timeless accessories that you can always play with whatever outfit.

Dress How You Want, When You Want

Most of the time, we dress up for an occasion. However, it does not have to always be like that. You do not need a special event to look fabulous. If there are days that you feel like dressing nicely, go ahead and do that. Never mind those people who ask questions like, “What’s the occasion?” Just answer them with: “Nothing, I just feel like wearing this today.” Your answer is pretty much a valid reason. Besides, you do not need any reason to dress nicely. Do it for yourself, not for others.

Take Photographs

It may sound a bit egoistic, but it helps with your self-esteem if you take some photos of yourself in a nice outfit. Whether you post your photos on social media or not, it is always good to have documentation of how good you look in an outfit. It could even help on days you feel down or unmotivated.

Mix and Match

Dressing up nicely does not have to mean that you need to buy clothes constantly. In fact, in this age where minimalism is in, wardrobe capsules are a must. A wardrobe capsule is essentially a small collection of useful clothing that you can mix and match whatever season it is. Included are staples such as a white shirt, a leather jacket, favorite pair of heels, and a signature jewelry piece.

Rather than viewing fashion in a negative sense, look at it as a way for you to bring inner peace into your world. Your fashion style is a way for you to express who you truly are.

Meta title: How Your Choice of Fashion and Style Can Empower You

Meta desc: Fashion is more than just the clothing a person wears every day. What they wear is a reflection of who they are inside. Learn more about its significance.

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