A graphic technique of using motion to bring art and drawings to life is called 3D Animation. Motion is used to make characters and props moveable in clips, short videos, games, and movies.

3D animation production refers to the art of creating moving images in a three-dimensional digital environment. The goal of 3D animation production is to move a prob in a certain way to give a look that a three-dimensional object is moving, but in reality, it’s just a sequence of static images moving extremely fast.

3D Animation is mainly used in the development of games and animated cartoon movies, but in recent days, even companies and enterprises are using 3D Animation in the marketing of their product and services.

Difference between 2D & 3D Animation

2D Animation 3D Animation
·         The object must be two-dimensional. ·         The object must be three-dimensional.
·         2D animated objects are comprise of only width (X-axis horizontal dimension) and height (Y-axis vertical dimension). ·         3D animated objects and characters are comprises of height, width, and depth.
·         In 2D animation, hand-drawing is done while creating the object in a “frame by frame” drawing pattern, which is called the cell-animation method. ·         For 3D animation, computer software is used to design and create objects.
·         2D animation is less expensive than 3D animation. ·         3D animation is an expensive animation type. This animation requires professional resources, and the project has to go through various stages, so all of these need money.
·         2D animation does not support conceptual drawing or imaginative art due to the limitation of dimensions. ·         3D animation gives the freedom of drawing and imagination. In addition, computer software can be used to provide details to the object.
·         2D animation is used in advertisements, cartoons, websites, or films. ·         3D animation is used in gaming, movies, medical demonstration, and more.
·         The Jungle Book, Cinderella, and Powerpuff Girls are the example of 2D animation. ·         Toy Story, Transformers, PUBG, and Minions are the example of 3D animation.

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What are the processes of 3D Animation production

The 3D animation production process of bringing life and movement to an object is divided into seven stages:

  • Modeling
  • Texturing
  • Layout and Animation
  • Lightning and Camera
  • Rendering
  • Composition

1.      Modeling

The first stage of 3D animation in which the character and object have been created is called modeling. Modeling can be done by scanning the real object or by creating through a modeling tool. These techniques are helpful in different ways.

  • By modeling tool: creating characters by using modeling tool gives you freedom of control over the look of your object. You can create the object with your imagination and modify it by adding or deleting a feature.
  • By scanning: it actually helps you save a lot of time. You can just scan a real object of the world into a computer and done. After that, your model is ready, but you can not modify it by your choice.

2.      Texturing

Modeling is incomplete without texturing. It is an essential part of modeling, allows a more realistic look, and gives personality to the model. In texturing, the model is placed for adding color and texture to it. The step is called mapping, where the styling can be done on to the models using software like Photoshop.

The animator adds texture to the model instead of using a real photo and styles the object ditto to the picture. But sometimes, while creating the illusion like “Hair,” the artist uses the actual image of hair rather than modeling every single strand separately.

3.      Layout and Animation

After the completion of modeling and texturing, the next step is layout and Animation. The object has been positioned and animated for a particular scene. The layout is said to be creating a set and adding the objects for the Animation, where animation variables are assigned to every object. And then, the object comes to life through motion capture or keyframing animation.

4.      Lightning and Camera

The right amount of lightning, correct position and angles of the camera, and perfect texture of the objects’ features bring the object to life. However, if any of these are set up in the wrong order, the whole scene will get ruined, and all the previous work will be wasted.

  • The lightning can add a more realistic feel to the scene and doesn’t make the object look flat.
  • The camera in 3D animation is as important as in real life; you can orbit it, place in all direction, blur it, or even zoom in & zoom out.

5.      Rendering

The fifth step is rendering, where the scene is turned into the finished images. Heavy software is used to perform rendering, and simple computers cannot bear the process. Rendering is done to enhance a more realistic look of the object. The art and styles can be added to the object, but it all depends on the wish of the animator or the requirements. Special effects like background, colors, shadow, lightning, or objects can also be added if required.

The 3D animator spend time and put a lot of effort while working on these stages. It requires days of planning and works to accomplish the goal, and in the end, the animator makes sure that the model has been created according to the client’s requirement.

6.      Composition

The final step of animation is a composition where the final finishing touch is given to the renders. The special effects are added to the renders as the background is replaced by a green screen, and a digitally created scene has been added (footage, clip, or gif).

In the process of composition, you make sure the color adjustment, consistency, and correctness. Then, you add background music or soundtrack to set the mood and scene, and after the final edits and check, the video is good to go.

Wrapping it

3D animation is a big-budget video animation, but it is an innovative and creative way to bring your imagination to life. You can use 3D animation for your marketing, movie, gaming, and video projects. You can choose the best video animation company for your business, and there are the 15 best video animation companies around the globe that can help you do a successful project. Hopefully, we have cleared all the clouds and made you understand the concept of 3D animation and its stages.


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