Garments have combined design elements of texture, color and line, each must be selected in relation to your figure and how they affect each of the other elements. The effects of texture in fashion influence how colors appear and how design lines function.

When several colors are used in a single outfit, the amount, placement, and contrast between the colors used will determine the effect. If the color is printed in the fabric design, the size of the design, as well as the colors used must be considered. Generally, the size of print should be selected in relation to the figure size. Small figures look best in fabrics with small designs. Large figures look best in fabrics with large designs. These guidelines are especially true if the colors used are bright and contrast strongly.

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The main object of color in a costume is to obtain a beautiful combination, which will grow more so the longer one looks at it. One problem is to get good color combinations in the use of materials, for texture is as important as color.

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1. Beautiful Colors Correctly Used:

In order that always have beautiful clothes which will be the envy of everyone who looks at them and which will increase natural attractiveness, the choosing of colors and the combination of them must be carefully considered. It is just as essential to fully understand and make use of the proper application of color in design as is the application of any of the other elements of design.

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2. Color Types:

It is quite difficult to lay down hard and fast rules as to the colors which different individuals may wear. This may be readily understood, as hardly any two people are identical as to color of hair, eyes, skin and general contour of features and body. All of these points have a direct bearing on the colors which are suitable to be worn.

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For example the small, frail, flaxonhaired blonde may be ever so attractive wearing certain colors which on the blonde of practically the same coloring, but having a very large figure, would be most displeasing.

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It will be necessary for in applying colors in the making of clothes for yourself or for others to study carefully the effect produced by colors of different values and intensity in the particular case with which you are dealing.

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