The perfect time for your Cape May is from May to September when water and air temperatures are comfortable enough for swimming and sunbathing. Though summer is when the Jersey Shore becomes active, this seaside area still has several activities throughout the year. Visit during autumn to attend the Cape May Fall Festival in October or at Christmas time to see the minute lights wrapped around the city’s Victorian home. Regular spring attracts some travellers, particularly those looking forward to enjoying Easter. But no matter when you pick to visit, the attraction of Cape May is enough to draw them.

Cape May Brewery Tour

  • Cape May Brewing Co.:  Cape May Brewing Company is one of the most well-reputed and successful businesses on the Cape since 2011, leading the Jersey Shore’s craft beer revolution. Found just six miles from downtown Cape May, at the Cape May Airport, the brewery occupies more than twenty thousand square feet, consisting of a tasting room showing twenty-four of the homemade sodas and craft beer on tap at any period, a dedicated sour brewery, a production facility, and a recently expanded beer garden.
  • Cold Spring Brewery: Excellent beer for great enjoyment! NJ’s First non-profit brewery. The brewery finances an open air living history museum called Historic Cold Spring Village. In 2014, the HCSV Foundation Board of Trustees voted unanimously to seek the growth of a small brewery in the village grounds called Cold Spring Brewery. 
  • 7 Mile Brewery: They are a craft brewery that pursues the production of excellent beers. They make recipes with all types of flavourings such as grains, hops, sugars, makes, and many more. Their goal is to produce good beer as fascinating as the people who consume it. They focus on delivering a beer that shows the taste of the community they serve and make something for everyone.

Nature Center of Cape May

   The Nature Center of Cape May was established in 1992, together with the double goals of building a good stewardship program for open space environment Cape May Harbour and offering environmental education for people of every age. The Center’s emphasis on hands-on actions shows an ideology of individual commitment to education.

Cape May NJ Boardwalk

   Several tourists love the Boardwalks at NJ Cape May. For more than a hundred years, roaming the boards in Wildwoods and Ocean City has been a compulsory event for tourists of every age. For some, it is a tradition, that long expected night or day when you can go to the boards with your mates and experience the passion and the euphoria as a young teen. For other people, it is the family vacation that is sure to immediately put a smile on the face of kids and make lifetime memories for everyone.

By the day in Cape May County, boardwalks satisfy a combination of goals: a place to shop without the bustle and hustle of nighttime crowds, a place to have fun on the beach and grab a bite during a break from the sun. Waterparks on boardwalks are famous spots in the early evening and afternoon as tourists enjoy wet and slippery poolside entertainment as an option to the ocean or beach.

How to check the validity of your ESTA application

First of all, you can apply here in order to check if esta is valid. In fact, after having carried out the necessary paperwork for this application, i.e., the filling of an application questionnaire and the validation of the payment of the dossier fees, you should receive a response within 72 hours. Or at most in the mailbox, you indicated in the questionnaire.

Therefore, it is advisable to wait this amount of time before verifying the status of your ESTA application, especially given that this response generally comes in a much shorter time.

You may need to check your esta australia application status online. Here are the cases in which you will have to carry out this procedure:

  • If you have entered an incorrect email address or you no longer have access to the email address you have indicated (for example, if you have lost your password)
  • Suppose you don’t receive a response within 72 hours. But before you start worrying, make sure you check your spam or junk mail folder.
  • If you had applied in the past and you don’t know the status of your application.
  • Have made an application in the past, and you no longer know if it was accepted or rejected. 

To do this, you need to know your dossier number before accessing the application status. So, remember to write it down when filling out the application form. Once connected to this site, you will find three types of status, namely:

  • Authorization granted: your residence application has been authorized
  • Travel not authorized: your application has been rejected, and you need to re-apply for ESTA after 10 days or apply for a visa.
  • Authorization pending: your application is still being processed, and you will receive a reply in few days.

In all cases, remember to download your email regularly.

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