For all of its extreme popularity these days, it can be surprising to learn that the famous casino game of roulette is actually just a few hundred years old, rising to prominence in the 1800s, before becoming a bona fide staple of the casino gambling boom during the mid-20th century. You would do extremely well to find any other casino game that is nearly as exciting as roulette too, because its inherently dynamic and communal nature is truly hard to beat – visit

The game of roulette has its roots in the renowned scientist, inventor and philosopher Blaise Pascal, who was trying to create a perpetual motion machine back in the 17th century. It didn’t take long for savvy gamblers to co-opt his invention to create a rudimentary Italian game called Biribi, which eventually evolved into roulette after it crossed the French border. Roulette subsequently played a huge part in the inexorable rise of super casinos across Europe, and has been an ever-present fixture since. Stay tuned for some casino tips and strategies for roulette… 

An exploration into the bets available during roulette 

Before we get into any solid tips and strategies for playing roulette, we thought we would go over the different bets available whilst playing the game. There are actually a fair few different options when it comes to roulette bets, and it is essential that you get your head around these in order to have the most success. Roulette categories can broadly be split into two categories, let’s take a look: 

  • Inside bets: The inside bets during roulette correspond to specific numbers, or a selection of specific numbers. Gamblers can place a bet on just one number, or they can use a split, street, corner or line bet to cover several numbers on the bet table with the same chip.
  • Outside bets: In contrast to the inside bets, outside bets are placed on a group of numbers of colours, and therefore have slightly better odds. Outside bets can include things like Red/Black, Odd/Even and High/Low. They are found running alongside the outside of the bet table.

The best tips and strategies for roulette 

Now we’ve had an adequate recap on the different bets available to gamblers during roulette we can turn our attention to some of the best tips and strategies for playing roulette. Just like any other casino gambling game, roulette is ultimately governed by chance, although there are certainly things you can do to improve your chances of winning: 

  •  Outside bets are your friend: Some people can be put off by the outside bets because they don’t pay out as much as the inside bets. They can also be seen to be a bit more boring, however if you want to win money consistently the outside bets are definitely your best bet.
  •  Study the roulette wheel before betting: At a brick and mortar casino it is essential that you study the roulette wheel a bit before betting. You should be looking out for any problematic players or dealers, and also watching for any trends that seem to be happening on the roulette wheel too.

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