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Ceiling Types

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from past to present It is undeniable that the ceiling is one of the most important elements in building a house บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน and the building or architecture. The ceiling is utilized to cover the system pipes. and various unsightly equipment under the floor above the ceiling It also helps prevent dust, insects, helps to maintain a constant temperature balance in the room. and make the space inside the room look neat and clean The room has a ceiling and is decorated with design. It’s the part that helps the room look more expensive. beautiful and graceful for the onlookers Therefore, ceiling work has many materials to choose from according to the needs.Normally, the ceiling is divided according to the main usage which is internal and external ceiling and can also be divided according to the sub-type of installation as follows.

Ceilling Type : Classify the ceiling according to the installation style.

1. Smooth plaster ceiling

This type of ceiling is often used in applications where smoothness is required to blend in with the design style and is therefore usually a permanent installation. The ceiling material is usually used sheet material made of gypsum. and fiber cement It will be attached to the frame that is installed with the roof frame, such as the C-Line type.

The joint area of ​​each plastered ceiling will plaster the joints with mortar for plastering to cover the ceiling joints Then cover the seam with raw yarn. When all is finished and painted over, the ceiling will be visible as the same piece along the line without any visible joints. This type of ceiling is therefore called “Smooth ceiling”

2. Hanging ceiling or T-bar ceiling

It is a ceiling that is quite popular because of its convenience. and very inexpensive compared to other types of melasma It can also open the ceiling to take care or repair various systems on the ceiling conveniently.

this type of ceiling It is a ceiling with an aluminum frame inverted in a T-shape and has equal grids to empty the gypsum board. by fixing with wire frame to roof frame For the gypsum board used to cover the channel, the standard size is 60 x 60 cm.

This type of ceiling installation is suitable for smaller rooms. But if used in a very large room may cause the slack of the wire used to hold This can cause the ceiling in the room to look like a wave. It is also not suitable for use in various rooms in tall buildings รับสร้างบ้าน. Because if there is a very strong wind coming under the ceiling or when tall buildings are shaking. (Many tall buildings are designed to shake 1 foot) may cause the ceiling to fall down or cause the wire to sag. until it was a hole causing dust to fall on the floor of the room

In addition, if it is installed in the area In places with high humidity, such as bathrooms or kitchens, moisture-proof T-bar ceilings should be used because otherwise, if used normally, it will decay easily. and thus the service life will be greatly shortened.

3. Level ceiling or hole ceiling

This type of ceiling are often seen relatively rarely. can be seen in some buildings The ceiling is leveled or the ceiling is a ceiling that has the most distinctive features with a beautiful pattern. Which has a level playing to look at the dimensions that are outstanding and luxurious Playing the level of the ceiling may choose to combine decorative cornices as well. and in some cases the design of ceiling holes May be made to be consistent with the installation of equipment such as hidden air conditioners. Install a chandelier or ceiling fan.

4. Ceiling with hidden lighting system or hidden lights, hidden ceiling lights

This type of ceiling There will be spaces of the ceiling to align the light to reflect the ceiling down to the working area. To achieve uniform, soft and comfortable lighting, often used to create ambience. and decorated to add beauty and luxury to that area

5. Sound absorbing ceiling or acoustic ceiling

Originally, this type of blemish It is a ceiling system that combines a T-bar ceiling frame. with the option of a ceiling sheet Which is a type of ceiling that can prevent sound reflection, such as Acoustic Board with a rough surface. This will help in absorbing sound from reflecting more effectively. Therefore, it is commonly used in conference rooms. , Inside the office building or various theater rooms

At present, in addition to the T-bar ceiling truss system, a smooth plastered truss system has been developed. that can be used in combination with more variety of Acoustic Board

6. Sheer ceiling or slatted ceiling

This type of ceiling is commonly used to decorate for beauty or to camouflage pipework systems under the floor of the building. In addition, the slatted transparent ceiling also allows for easy ventilation. and also easy to repair Mostly used in public buildings with large areas such as hotels, shopping malls. , office building , train station, bus station, etc.

7. Special installation ceiling

This type of ceiling is a ceiling that is designed to create beauty or create a distinctive identity for that area such as a hotel lobby or inside a retail shop. who want a new perceptual experience to attract attention

The appearance of this type of melasma has a unique shape that is different from general melasma. And there may be a combination of the use of a variety of materials such as glass, acrylic, canvas, decorative fabrics, aluminum sheets or real wood, etc., which will require more expertise in installation than general ceilings.

8. Eaves ceiling or external ceiling

This type of ceiling It is a ceiling used to cover the ceiling. and the eaves outside the building Its main purpose is to prevent various animals from entering under the ceiling. protection from outside heat and help ventilate from under the roof Therefore, we often see ceilings designed to have ventilation holes for use outside often.

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