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Choose Sustainable Packaging Of Cosmetics

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Do you really store your cosmetics in the cardboard boxes they came in from the store? Most likely, you don’t. So what happens to all that elegant, pretty packaging: sturdy boxes, tissue paper, leaflets, paper bags, satin ribbons, foam inserts? When we get home, we discard the paper bag (hoping each time that we’ll find a better use for it than shoving it in a recycled paper bin). Download best games and application from apkpure

We open the box and take out the bottle. We ram that pretty box into the little bathroom waste bin that always looks too small to handle all our boxes and empty bottles. We just wasted about four dollars on making a status statement that didn’t impress anyone. You will probably say, so what can I do? My favorite lotion comes packaged in a neat cardboard box with plastic inserts and tons of leaflets stuffed inside.

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Maybe they did it for safety, to protect the precious extracts. However, let me ask you this: Do you really think that all these boxes and protective plastic sleeves serve a vital purpose? Do you really believe that without all that protection your newly purchased shampoo/ conditioner duo will smash into goo-soaked plastic pieces while you walk or drive home? Or that a cute little glass jar with a half-ounce of cream is so fragile that it has to be wrapped in layers of stiff paper?

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Many cosmetic brands do not pack their products in boxes, and their products look just fine and work just as well. Did you know, by the way, that full-size samples of Chanel makeup products come packed in plain kraft paper, stuffed in brown cardboard boxes, and these products still look perfect? The same products are sold in department stores bearing eight times their weight in plastic and bleached cardboard.

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I admire Canadian a makeup brand Cargo for creating a lipstick range packed in tubes made of corn and sold in boxes that contain real plant seeds. Take out the product, soak the box in water, and plant it to see a new green living creature emerging in a few days.

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