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Factors Affecting the Price for the Electric Dog Fence System

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The importance of the electronic dog fence system is increasing every moment as this confinement system allows your pet dog to enjoy their playtime without being leashed along with physical exercises that are much required for their normal growth. The dog not only stays safe within the boundary but also within your vicinity.

As a pet keeper, you need to undergo various factors before finalizing one particular system for your pet. Like other factors, you need to assess pricing and do proper research to choose the suitable one for you.

Factors affecting the price of the dog fence

The dog fence system contains very few elements, but due to its effectiveness, the price range differs from one manufacturer to another. You cannot compromise with your dog’s safety, though budget is an issue for you as a pet keeper. The considerations you need to cover before getting an electric dog fence includes the following –

The boundary of your house or garden

The longer the boundary, the more cost you need to pay for the fence. As the wires identifying the boundaries are important, you need to put the wire for the complete area, and the price will continue to rise with the length of the wire.

Quality of wire

You cannot compromise on the quality of the wire, too, as you will wish that the system must work in the best possible way, and using a high-quality wire is a must for that to happen. The thickest gauge is the best option for you to choose.

Weatherproof wire

Not just better quality, the thickest wires have other useful characteristics too that make the wire work in favor of the pet keeper. Quality wires perform the best in all kinds of weather without any fault. Copper wire is also a good option for you. But all these incur the great expense.

Larger transmitter

If your area is larger, the transmitter must have a better range and quality to cover the area for the system. This will also add to your electric fence for dogs price. For better effectiveness of the system, you require a quality transmitter.

Receiving collar

The collar is tied to the pet dog’s neck that works as a receiver to the fence system. Though the investment for the collar is one-time, you will have to change the battery of the collar every two to three months, depending on your pet’s activity.


You can install the system on your own, but the process is quite tricky for larger areas as you cannot handle such long wires and connect them perfectly to the system, which results in a faulty system for the dog’s safety. You can hire professionals for installation, but extra charges will incur. 

The electric dog fence system is effective and helping the dog keepers for the past few years on a good note. If you are keen to get one, you have to work on the market to find a quality item from leading manufacturers within your budget. You can contact the retail showrooms for better pricing also. But don’t compromise on the standard as it will affect the system and your pet ultimately.

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