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FAQ About E-Liquid

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E-cigarettes or vapes are a new phenomenon that has been trending for a few years already. It is one of the options chosen by some people to stop the habit of smoking. Vape shops can easily be found in numerous cities or online, offering a various choice of products. If you are wondering if you should try or not and have some questions, then this article is made for you.

  • What is e-liquid flavoring ?

Remember that an e-cigarette is composed of nicotine and e-liquid such as e-liquid. The nicotine in itself doesn’t really have a flavor. As such, the product that is giving you a particular taste when vaping is the e-liquid. While an e-liquid is produced, a flavor will be chosen and added to it in order for the vape to have a particular taste. There is a wide range of flavors that one can choose from in shops or online. Most of the time, it will be fruit-based, however some shops are offering scents that will make you remember a certain place like a particular city or train station.

  • What flavor e-liquid should I use ?

This will totally depend on your preferences, nobody can choose for you. Some people will prefer to have a strong taste of nicotine while others will choose to have more fruity flavors. It can be something that you are progressively changing with time to help you quit smoking. When you’re in a shop, feel free to ask if you can try different e-liquids. Additionally, the employees of a vape shop will always be able to give you some advice depending on your needs and preferences.

  • What is the diluent part in an e-liquid ?

The diluent is the product that will be added to the liquid in order to dilute the mixture of flavors and nicotine depending on the desired strength. Moreover, a diluent will also help in providing the component that will produce the vapor with an e-cigarette. The vapor is the part that will transport the flavor from the e-cigarette to your lungs. As such, the diluent is an important part of the production of e-liquid. It is important to be extremely careful while adding it, because it can cancel the taste if there is too much of it added to the mixture.

  • What strength of e-liquid should I use ?

Each vaper will have a different opinion on that matter. It will depend on how much nicotine you want to feel, but also the amount of time that one has been smoking and his/her preferences and taste. Most of the time, it is advised, for a new vaper, to start around 18mg/ml. It will give you enough nicotine without it being too much. Generally speaking, trying a variety of different products will be the best way for you to discover your favorite option. Don’t hesitate to ask around about other people opinion, especially with the people of the vape shop.

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