Going to a movie is a splendid way of spending time with a spouse. If you have been following science fiction series, you should know that a new Matrix series is due.

And after every movie outing with your spouse, you would desire to transform your love affair and how things run in your bedroom. You can be the sexy woman in the red dress in the Matrix movie.

Do you want him to come close, give you a naughty glance, pull you nearer to his masculine physique, and make you feel warm and wanted?

The change you long to see begins with you. You need to have physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual chemistry with the love of your life. Try these simple no-fail fashion tips for you and him and see the magic unfold.

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1. Learn what he thinks is arousing

Every man has a particular thing that tickles him. While he may love his white pair of trousers and vest indoors, he may find you sexy in your high-end designer wear. Speak his language and dress to impress and rub him the wrong way. You’ll reap the benefits.

You can ask him what he finds attractive. Try an informal, playful way of asking the question so that he doesn’t feel pressured to answer.

2. Pay keen attention to his reactions

What comments does he make about the dressing of a female character in movies? What compliments does he give you when you dress and put on makeup? Is there a particular combination he adores? Is it a matching or contrasting clutch purse, a belt, or heels?

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When he makes a pleasant comment about character’s dressing  in a magazine or television, you may ask him what he particularly loved. Experiment with a similar outfit, look, and note his comments. More Information Visit this site: f95zone

3. Learn what he finds attractive

Every man is attracted by a different set of dressing items. You may think that your white jeans drive him, but if you asked him, a hairstyle or a crop top might turn him on.

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Ask him in an informal setting what he finds most intriguing in your dressing. Ask simple, pointed questions and be playful so he doesn’t feel pressured into it. Ask him his favorite color or design for a shoe or inner dress item such as a pant. You can also ask him when he wants you to dress for an occasion or an exclusive evening dinner for the two of you.

4. Go shopping with him

Let your husband accompany you shopping. Allow him to suggest where you can go for the shopping experience with him. You may tell him that you’re going shopping for some sexy clothing items to wear for him, and his opinion matters. For more information visit this site: forextradenews.

And while at it, make it fun and involving. And take note of his favorite colors, designs, and tastes. Involving him ignites interest in you, and the two long for private moments together.

Dress to suit the fashion, capture the mood of the event and enjoy time with your spouse. Read More About: f95zone


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