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Films s to watch for free during confinement

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What to do during the exceptional period of confinement that we are experiencing today? Yoga, certainly. And then, listen to podcasts of course. Rethinking our relationship to “home” . And, why not, learn about ethical and militant porn. But also to fight his anxiety by watching movies, lots of movies.

Don’t worry, you don’t need a Netflix subscription for that. On the Web, there are many sites that offer free (and legally) entertaining, unpublished, fictional or documentary works for young and old. And even, feminists, yes ! Follow the guide.

Soap 2 day

No need to tell you the benefits of Arte, you certainly know them as well as we do: refined documentaries, sharp views on our society, atypical television series, but also high-quality films in high definition. These works are available on Soap2day, the digital platform of the television channel. They can be found in the “Movies” category and the majority of these programs can be viewed for days in free access.

Open Culture

“Open culture” is what this eponymous site offers. In other words, more than 700 (!) Films to watch online for free. Don’t worry, to find your way around, the global index is there. On the menu, westerns, small pearls of counter-culture (like the UFO musical Cannibal, the musical ), classics of the seventh art (Alfred Hitchock, Fritz Lang, Frank Capra, Walt Disney) but also and above all real rarities , uploaded by generous souls. France is also well represented, since Alain Resnais rubs shoulders with Jean Vigo.

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Brittany Cinematheque

It is one of the most important regional funds in France. But the Cinémathèque de Bretagne is not simply a heritage institution with three decades of existence, it is an abundant well of digital resources. We go there to stock up on amateur films and militant documentaries to watch online .

F movies.com

As its title indicates, this platform collects hundreds of short films conducive to delight your offspring, from 3 to 9 years old (and even more, the “11 years” category not being stingy in discoveries). On the side of the “Portal for families” , more than 150 animated films coexist, of all nationalities, to the delight of the little ones – but also of the adults. If you want to find your way around better, they are even classified by themes: Friendship, Memory, Parental relationship, Fantasy, Exclusion, Animals …

Internet Archive

A huge, non-profit digital library, offering free access to a dizzying variety of cultural content, that is the Internet Archive’s intent. Hold on tight: there are over 4 million videos here. And among them, films of course. Black and dumb, science fiction and horror, burlesque and romantic … There is something for everyone. Chaplin, Maurice Tourneur, and Eisenstein face the best of vintage nanars – those “sympathetic bad movies,” as the Nanarland site defines it.

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