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Googles image search function

by Albert
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Google currently launches the ” Goggles Image Search Function” that uses pictures to search for pictures . If you have a picture, to find more information about this picture, just open the Google homepage, click “Pictures”, and then click “Camera Pictures” Show”, paste the link of the picture or upload the picture from the computer, you can use this function to search for similar pictures. The detailed instructions are as follows:

  1. Open the Google homepage and click “Pictures” .
  2. Click on the camera icon of “Search by Picture”
  3. Click “Upload Picture” to prepare to upload the searched picture from the computer. You can also directly paste the URL of the image to search for similar images.
  4. Click “Browse”.
  5. Select the picture you want to upload, and click “Open Old File”.
  6. As shown in the picture, the file is being uploaded.
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  8. Search for “pictures that look similar”, as shown in the figure below.
  9. Move the mouse to the top of the picture, you can preview the searched picture.
  10. Click “Looking similar pictures” to search for more similar pictures.
  11. The searched pictures are as shown in the figure below.
  12. Click “Please describe the content of your picture here”, enter a description of the picture, you can search for more similar picture information. .
  13. Enter the search result of “Marguerite Flower”, as shown in the figure.
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