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Green Solutions for Acne

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Many believe that acne is simply an age-related rite of passage that does not need to be treated because you will outgrow it eventually. However, graduating from high school does not necessarily mean the end of acne drama. “Often, women are getting acne later in life,” notes Susan West Kurz of Dr. Hauschka Skin Care, who insists there’s more to acne than oily skin.

“We try to look at the whole picture, consider a person’s eating habits, lifestyle, and age. Acne could also be an allergy to a certain kind of protein. Sometimes, when people cannot digest something, even psychologically, it shows up on their skin. We have known hundreds of people who were treated for their acne with cortisone creams and Retin-A, but all these treatments address only symptoms, not the real cause.

When you just treat the symptoms, it’s the same as putting your hand on the yellow flashing light on your car’s dashboard. Wou try not to look at it instead of fixing the problem.” Sometimes, when people cannot digest something, even psychologically, it shows up on their skin. Instead of removing oil using concentrated foaming cleansers and drying lotions, holistic skin care experts rely on oily extracts of healing and antibacterial medicinal plants.

“Your skin is responding to oil in a homeopathic way: if you put oil on the oily skin, it will help loosen impurities and refine the pores. It also sends a message to your skin that it is producing enough oil,” says Susan West Kurz, “and your skin responds by slowing down its production of oil. So, if you overcome your prejudice against putting oil on oily skin, you will notice that your skin produces less oil.

I remind people that you can’t clean an oily substance with water because these two substances do not mix. People who remove oil from their skin often get dry, flaky skin on top and congested oily skin below. But if you put oil on a congested oily complexion, it will loosen impurities trapped in your skin and direct [the] metabolism to produce a healthy flow of sebum again.

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Oil also helps reduce the size of pores, because when your skin is blemished, your pores are enlarged. Oil flow is reestablished in a healthy way, and pores diminish, because elasticity returns to the skin. Oils are highly antioxidizing, and as your skin is healing from the blemishes, oil also helps prevent any kind of scarring and other problems associated with acne-prone skin.”

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If you have suffered with acne since your teenage years, past outbreaks have left lots of postacne brown spots and maybe even scars. To fade them and prevent new acne blemishes from arising, you should use a mild daily exfoliating product such as Santa Maria Novella Sulfur Soap or almondbased, anti-inflammatory Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream. You can visit this fotolognews to get the latest news and also find out the world update breaking news of all time on mikandi.

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Last Words:

Don’t forget about sun protection, which will help prevent further postacne hyperpigmentation. Avoid inflammation by strengthening your skin’s own defenses. Enrich your daily skin care regimen with antioxidants, vitamins, and antiinflammatory substances.

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