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Home Insurance in the UK: A Simple Guide to Everything You Need to Know About Home Insurance

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What is Home Insurance?

To put it simply, there are two types of home insurance: building insurance and contents insurance. Either of these insurance types can be either bought together or separately as individual purchases. Here is a breakdown of each individual type of insurance and why it may be useful to look into if you are going to put a deposit down for a property. 

  • Building insurance essentially allows you to cover the entirety of your building, from everything from walls to floors and your roof. Although this is not a necessary thing you may have an increasingly hard time trying to find a mortgage lender. 
  • Content insurance basically covers any losses you may have on your property and any things you have inside your house. This includes things such as all your possessions, and essentially covers anything that isn’t physically attached to your property. If anything was to go missing in a burglary, or is thieved in your property- such as your jewelry or laptop, then insurance can help you claim back for it.

Who are the best home insurance companies in the UK?

As of 2022 the top three home insurance companies are John Lewis, Nationwide and Direct Line. John Lewis came on to as their cover offers unlimited content repairs and replacements. Additionally, their insurance policy allows you to claim in excess of £40,000 to replace or repair any values. On Trust Pilot, Direct Line has a score of 4.3/5, and 64% of overall users said they had an ‘excellent experience’ with the company. When it comes to home insurance, Nation Wide offers unlimited coverage on buildings, even if that means the potential of your property needing rebuilding. Alongside this, Nationwide ensures that all members as of February 2022 will receive a 25% discount if you have a mortgage, savings or current account with them.

How much is house insurance a month UK?

In the UK, homeowners are expected to pay their property insurance monthly. Overall, it costs homeowners around £28.87 per month for their home insurance. However, it’s important to be aware that payments that are made monthly rather than up front end up costing around 9% more than if you were to pay upfront. 

Is it worth it?

Home insurance is absolutely worth it. If something happens to your property, whether it’s loss of personal items or damage to the building, home insurance allows you to protect your possessions without having to find the expenses to cover any damage. Additionally, if you are in a worst-case scenario, such as you have to be evicted from the property, then your home insurance can provide temporary accommodation while your property is being repaired.

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