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How Casinos Are Using Aromas to Keep You Playing

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Casinos smell good. It’s common to find the sweet scent when you visit the Canadian casinos. Apart from providing the players with a conducive gaming environment, the casinos use scents to welcome the players into the gaming atmosphere and encourage them to play more.

It’s a marketing strategy with proven results in most of the casinos in Las Vegas and other parts of the world. Casino designers spend a lot of time working on the decorations, floor and finally selecting the scent that will make you spend more while at the casinos. Isn’t that funny?

You will notice when you visit the casino, the time you will take will be equivalent to the money you shall have spent. Therefore, it’s a marketing strategy that works for the casinos. Our gaming expert Michelle Thomas (check her profile), will help you know how casinos use Aromas to keep you playing.

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How do the casinos get the scent on the gaming floor?

Many Canadians wonder how the casinos get the scents on the gaming floor. We understand they don’t do it through the vents because when they pump oxygen through them: it’s a felony. Also, it’s a fire hazard considering that it will accelerate the spread of fire if one breaks out in the casinos. Then how do they do it?

It’s not a complicated process, as most of the players tend to believe. The casino uses metallic boxes in the venting ducts. The metallic boxes serve the essential purpose of distributing the scented oil formulated for each casino.

The casino smell then gets out of the box as it gets diluted and travels through the ventilation into your nose. When you travel to the famous casinos in the Canadian streets, restaurants, and hotels, you will realize that they employ the trick to get you in the gaming mood.

Every casino player falls for this strategy every time they visit the casino. As a result, they end up gaming extensively the same way they do when playing games on the slots for real money sites.

What scents do they use? Do they have a difference?

After knowing how the casinos get the scents on the gaming floor, you will want to know the exact types of casino scents used. You will be surprised to note that the casinos use varied scents considering what they deal with and location.

For instance, Hotels and SPAs use general smells depending on their location from a company like Aromasys. A resort located deep in Florida will not smell the same way as a casino resort on the island. The truth is that each casino has got its customized scent by its marketing department. The Las Vegas casino scents will not be the same as those used in a casino in Canada.

Below is a list of some of the commonly used scents at the casinos:

  • The Cromwell-Allure Noir
  • Aria(Spa)-Pink Grapefruit
  • Bellagio-Blue ice
  • The Linq-LinQa
  • Luxor-Asian Garden

When did the casinos start using scents?

The idea of casino scents did not start yesterday. It has been here for many years. However, it did not start by accident. It began in the 1970s when smoking was a public thing. The majority of the casino players would walk to the casinos and smoke their cigarettes.

As a result, it would make the casinos have a bad odour. That forced the casinos to install scent diffusers though they weren’t as effective as they were expected. They did not enhance the casinos’ experience that was desired. Today’s diffusers offer the players with a conducive environment they need when playing their favourite games.

Considering the competition present in the casino space, every casino is putting forth better strategies that will allow them to tap more customers and grow their revenue since it’s the most important thing.

Alongside the casino bonuses and promotions, using casino aroma is a proven way of boosting the casinos’ returns. If you plan to join the casino business by establishing your casino in Canada, consider getting a suitable scent that will enable you to keep the existing customers together with those that you will attract. That way, you won’t regret it because the returns will also be favourable.

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