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How Do I Sell My Silver Bullion?

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Local coin dealers are one of the fastest ways to turn silver bullion into fiat currency. However, this route is not without risks.

There are many reputable dealers sell silver bullion Perth who will buy your silver at close to spot prices. It is important to do your research and get multiple quotes.

1. Dealers

While ETFs and other precious metals funds are popular investments among investors, physical silver bullion is also highly desirable. Unlike holding warehouse receipts, when you own actual silver bullion you have the title to the metal in your hands or vault and can protect it in the event of a crisis or economic collapse.

Silver bullion can be purchased from local and online coin dealers, pawn shops and other established businesses specializing in the sale of precious metals. Look for a business that has been operating for years, offers knowledgeable staff and is well-established in the industry.

Dealers should be straightforward about the value of your silver bullion and not try to make up reasons for selling it below current market value. Avoid stores that advertise on television or other media and always check with a dealer you trust before making any purchases. For example, Scottsdale Bullion & Coin sells silver bullion at very competitive prices. You can contact them directly to discuss the current market price of your silver bars and coins. They can help you determine the best course of action for your unique needs.

2. Pawn shops

If you have silver jewelry, coins or other items lying around and need cash quickly, a local pawn shop might be a good place to sell. However, it’s important to remember that pawn shops are only interested in the metal content of your item and will not likely pay you for sentimental or collectible value.

Pawn shops appraise your item and make you a cash offer, which you can either accept or reject. It is also worth noting that it’s not recommended to walk into a storefront pawn shop with large amounts of precious metals, as this puts you at risk for burglary and assault.

If you have a large amount of bullion to sell, it may be better to look into an online silver buyer who specializes in handling such transactions. These companies typically have lower operating expenses and will be able to pay you more than your local pawn shop. However, you must be willing to ship your stacks and wait a few days for them to arrive, which can sometimes be inconvenient.

3. Online auctions

Silver bullion is an excellent way to protect your wealth. It is a highly liquid asset that can be easily sold or exchanged for cash. It is also less correlated to other markets and can help diversify your portfolio. However, buying and selling silver can be a time-consuming process, especially when you have to go through pawn shops or coin dealers.

Another option is to sell your silver bullion online through a dealer or precious metals broker. This is generally the fastest method to get money for your silver. But it is important to research the companies and make sure they are legitimate. Some sellers may take advantage of you and offer a low price for your silver bullion.

An online dealer may also offer a better price for your silver bullion than a local coin shop because they have lower operating expenses. Regardless, you should always take photos of your items before shipping and insure them. This will protect you against any potential issues that could arise. It is also best to work with a reputable dealer that has been in business for a while.

4. Shops or brokers

Perhaps you’ve collected silver bullion for a long time and it’s time to liquidate some of your collection. Or maybe you recently inherited precious metals from the loss of a loved one and have to clean out heirlooms that are no longer of value to you. Regardless of the reason, it’s important to know how to sell your silver bullion in order to get the best possible price for it.

Selling your silver bullion to a reputable precious metals dealer is the best option. These dealers are familiar with evaluating and pricing silver coins and rounds and will pay you close to or over spot price for your pieces.

You can also sell your silver to a broker who specializes in precious metals online. These dealers will pay you close to spot price and may even offer a premium for rare or valuable coins. However, you will have to pay for shipping and insurance which can eat into your profit. Alternatively, you can use an online auction site such as eBay to sell your silver pieces.

5. eBay

Depending on the specific type of silver bullion you own, eBay can be one of the fastest and easiest ways to sell for cash. Many dealers like APMEX, Bullion Exchanges and Liberty Coin list their products directly on the eBay site and they are often eligible for eBay Bucks and other promotions.

However, there are several factors to keep in mind. For example, silver prices and premiums on eBay can often seem unrealistically Gold Buyers high compared to what you see on dealer websites. This is mainly due to eBay fees and PayPal costs that are incorporated into the price.


Another factor to consider is the potential for a counterfeit product or an unreputable seller. Although eBay offers a secure, safe and convenient platform for sellers, it is important to research buyers carefully to ensure they are legitimate. This will reduce the risk of fraud and allow you to make a sale quickly and easily. If you do choose to use eBay, be sure to properly describe your silver items and be honest about any flaws or scratches. This will help you earn positive feedback that can lead to future sales.

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