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How to add crystals into your mindfulness practice

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When you are moving to a more mindful place in your life, there are few items that become more present. 

Smoke cleaning using incense sticks, being kinder to yourself and others around, you, more aware of spiritual practices and crystals. 

Crystals have been around for millions of years; they are part of the earth that we live on. 

They have also been used for millions of years as adornments like rights, ear weights and necklaces, and in healing practices. 

But if you don’t already use crystals, then how can you add them to your mindful practices. 

Carefully choose your crystals.

Consider each crystal to have a range of properties that change how they work and what they will bring to your life. 

With that in mind, you should choose crystals that make the most difference to your life in a positive way. 

If you have followed the recent rise in the popularity of Moldavite, you will know that sometimes it can feel all negative until it settles and you see that anything that was holding you back is gone. 

What is positive in the end might not feel like it at the moment – yet people love crystals.

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Choose crystals that have the properties you are looking for. Here are some of the most popular ones, and a bit about what they do:

Rose Quartz

Are you looking to bring peace and love into your life? Rose quartz has a gentle but undeniable energy. It encourages you to be kind and compassionate to yourself and others. Helping to heal and approach things from a place of love. Read more about Tamilmv

Black Tourmaline

If you want to have support in setting healthy boundaries and protecting your energy, then block tourmaline is the perfect crystal for you. Most of us have negative energies and people around us for most of the day. 

The problem with that is you give a lot of your time and positive energy to those people. They are leaving us with almost nothing. 

Use your black tourmaline to protect your energy. Place them around the room that you spend the most time in, in each of the corners.

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Who isn’t looking to attract more money and wealth into their lives? Well, even looking at pyrite can remind you of wealth and abundance. Pyrite is the stone that will help your work come to fruition. 

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz can help you stay focused on both work projects and in your personal life. Ask your clear quartz to help you focus and complete all the tasks at hand today. 

Make a list of the mindful practices that you wish to do, and place your clear quartz on top to help you stay focused and moving forward. 


This lavender-lilac stone comes in a few forms. Take your time and find a shape and cut that speaks to you. Amethyst can help you get on top of stressful situations and get back in a calm zone. 

Specifically impactful when you are trying to be more mindful of situations and want to remain calm and focused at all times. 

You can use amethyst as a visual aid reminding you to breathe and focus on what you can control. 

There are also several crystals that are linked to mindfulness.

Mindful crystals

Since we have already covered amethyst, we will focus now on one other crystal that is said to give their support in your mindfulness practices.

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Many people don’t feel drawn to obsidian due to its inky black color. Yet, it has powerful properties for reflection and protection. During your mindfulness sessions, or as you live day to day, you might find your mind wandering into negative spaces. 

Obsidian can be a visual and metaphysical reminder to let things go and move forward. 


This stone has been used by ancient cultures to encourage wisdom, as well as for its calming effects. Turquoise can calm excessive thoughts and allow the mind to let go of what doesn’t serve it. 


The dark green stone is associated with growth, strength, positively tapping into your emotions, and abundance. Malachite is said to keep your mind in a better place and can help with emotional balance. 


You are bringing mental clarity to help you focus on what is important, your goals, and how to achieve them. This stone keeps you in the present moment and aware of all that is around you. 


This stone is connected to the heart chakra and is said to relax the mind and instill a sense of security. Helping you to become more creative and tap into your emotions in a positive way. 

To add these crystals into your mindfulness, add them around you, hold them as you meditate and always remember to cleanse and chart them. 

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