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How to find and attract your target audience on Instagram?

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Instagram has become the go-to platform for brands on social media. Bought by Facebook, Instagram has more than a billion users worldwide and is the most popular social network among young people with its many features that improve the e-commerce experience, you would be wrong not to take into account the social network of M-Commerce.

Indeed, with attractive visual content, you have the possibility to aumentar los seguidores en Instagram, get closer to your customers, and reach new ones. What’s important to know is that it’s not just the number of subscribers that matters; you also need to be able to create a real, engaged community. This is why in this article we will give you the fundamentals to put in place to find and attract your target audience on Instagram: here are 10 tips!

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7 tips to find and attract your target audience on Instagram

If there is one social network to take into account for the development of a web marketing strategy, it is Instagram and that does not matter the size of your business. But before you can exploit the full potential of the mobile platform, it is important to take into account some tips to boost your presence on Instagram. read more : readwrites

1- Define your strategy and target

Before getting carried away by all the features that Instagram offers, it is essential to set up a social media strategy to follow to give real value to your online presence. Competition on Instagram is tough; you need to be clearly identifiable in a given area. To do this, we have to ask ourselves why we are present on this platform: to sell for visibility to get closer to his community?

An essential step in the implementation of a strategy on social networks: set goals. These objectives allow you to adjust your strategy and minimize the risk of error. In addition, they will allow you to determine who is your target on Instagram? If the goal is visibility, the target will be much larger than if your goal is to sell.

Knowing your target is an important step before launching on Instagram, it allows you to know who you are talking to. Data to be kept in mind, Instagram is used a lot by young people, in fact, 41% of Instagram users are between 16 and 24 years old and the majority of users are women. So before publishing, you need to have a clear idea of ​​your target, age group, interests, location, etc.

Now that you’ve identified your target audience, you need to take a look at their expectations. The more you know what interests your target, the more you will know what type of content to publish to reach them.

To more easily find potential followers, there is a multitude of tools including Combin that we have tried and which offers many features to allow you to find and attract your target audience. Among them, there is one that allows finding users according to a “key phrase” in their bio. For example, if you are looking for users who are interested in travel, just type “travel”: Defining your strategy and target are mandatory and essential steps to find and attract your target audience on Instagram. You can visit here to know about the taylorsource. On the other hand, you can also get more essential info on forexrenkocharts

2- Have a recognizable visual identity

Like Pinterest, Instagram is built mostly around photos, which is why your images need to be of high quality. But to gain visibility on Instagram you must also have your own visual identity on your feed. The feed is the first thing a user sees when they visit your Instagram profile. The user will therefore get an opinion very quickly on your account when seeing your feed, if the content pleases him, he will have a better chance of subscribing, and otherwise, he will go to the next account, on Instagram the content is consumed quickly.

For this, your feed must therefore have its own style in order to stand out from other accounts, but it must also be as coherent and harmonious as possible. It is very important to keep a certain guideline in the publication of your photos. You then have the possibility of playing on different aspects of your photos in order to create your own identity. You can play with the shape of the photos, the filters, or even the colors, as is the case with Zara for example, which highlights the lines of 3 posts in its feed:

3- Choose the right time to post and be active

Before you start posting on Instagram, you need to post during the hours when your audience is most present. From a general point of view, the best days to publish would be Monday and Thursday and for the hours, morning (8 am-9 am) and end of the day after 5 pm, would be the best times (CoSchedule). But what’s important knows what time the majority of your audience is online in order to post during peak hours. Indeed, your publications will have a better chance of being seen, therefore of being liked, commented and your reach can only be greater.

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Hashtags on Instagram are an excellent lever to improve your reach and SEO. This is because these hashtags are a way of bringing together posts from different users into one single feed. With proper use of hashtags, you can easily expand your audience and not just reach your followers.

But before using hashtags, there are a few useful tips to apply. First of all, in terms of numbers, Instagram limits posts to 30 hashtags but it is not advisable to use all 30 as this will only hit you with low-quality accounts and lots of bots. Usually, you can limit yourself to a dozen hashtags on your posts.

4- Interact with accounts linked to your areas of interest

An effective technique on Instagram to gain followers easily is to interact with other accounts related to your interests. You can type a hashtag, a keyword, and a location, related to your activities in the Instagram search (icon with the magnifying glass). The platform will then offer you publications related to your research and once the publications and accounts have been identified as relevant to your activity, you will only have to like, comment, and follow these accounts. They will receive a notification and you will have a chance that they will follow you back. For More Information Visit this site: views360

To avoid doing this manually on each content, Combin offers a feature in its solution that can save you a lot of time. With the search function on the application, you can find posts based on hashtags, and thus find the accounts of your target audience so that you can interact with them. For example, if your e-commerce is in gardening, you can search for publications with the hashtag “gardening”, but you can also add multiple hashtags like “garden”, “nature” etc. It is also possible to choose the place (possibility to add several), the publication date but also the number of “likes” and comments in order to make the search always more targeted:

5- Target the subscribers of your competitors

Going to find your competitors’ subscribers is one of the most used methods to gain followers on Instagram. It is a technique that is very easy to set up, you just have to go to your competitors’ accounts and look at their followers to like, comment or follow the most active accounts. Indeed, if these accounts are active with your competitors, there is a good chance that your content is also in their center of interest. The objective is then to draw attention to your account and your content so that the targeted person goes to your profile and decides to interact and follow you in return. More Information Click Here: sttmag

6- Use influencers

Marketing influence is extremely successful on Instagram; in fact 67% of partnership requests concern Instagram. Suggesting partnerships with influencers to reach a certain community can be a great way to boost your Instagram account organically. This type of operation makes it possible to rapidly increase the number of subscribers but at the same time, to increase the visibility and notoriety of your brand with the community of influencers.

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