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How to Find Betting Guest Post Sites

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In this article we’ll discuss some ways to find a great website to guest post on and analyze its audience demographics. We’ll also look at some free methods that can help you locate a blog that has a niche related to your betting content. You can use blogrolls and search for people on LinkedIn. We’ll also explore the use of inurl search and exact match searches. These are just some of the ways to find a site to guest post on.

Using blogrolls

A blogroll is a list of sites and links on a website. It is commonly located on the sidebar of a website and is a great way to discover new sites and get your name in front of more people. Blogrolls are also a great way to promote your own blog and give your readers more content to read. Blogrolls are curated lists of great sites and can be a great way to find new guest posting opportunities.

To find high-quality guest blogging websites, sign up for Tomoson. This list has thousands of potential websites that allow you to publish a quality guest post. Using a quality list will increase your exposure, generate social media shares, and boost your SEO. Remember, quality matters, so make sure to choose a site that publishes only quality articles. It’s also important to choose a blog with a good reputation.

Using inurl search

There are a number of ways to find good Betting Guest Post  sites. Using a site that ranks other websites will help you narrow down your search and find some of the most popular websites. A more formal approach is to contact the editor or main contact of a website that you’d like to contribute to. Include the words “contributor” or “guest post” in your email. You can also use inurl search to find guest posting sites by thinking up any phrases that can be included in the URL.

Using an inurl search to find betting guest post sites is particularly useful for finding government pages that feature betting odds. It is important that you find sites that share the same topic as your own. A general search for “betting” will not turn up any relevant sites, but a search using the wildcard asterisk (*) will yield more results. If your target site is authoritative, such as a government page, using an inurl search to find betting guest post sites will give you even more specific results.

Using exact match search

If you are looking for guest post sites, the best way to find them is to use the Google search operators. Enter the keyword that best describes your niche or a phrase that indicates the website accepts guest posts. You can use phrases such as “write for us” or “submit an article” to substitute the term “guest post” with something else. By doing this, Google will provide you with a list of sites that match your search terms.

Google has made the search volume for most keywords available publicly. In order to determine the amount of searches for a certain keyword, you can use the Google Keyword Planner to select different match types. Using the exact-match option will give you an even more accurate picture of how many people are searching for that particular keyword. This way, you can narrow your search down to sites that are specifically looking for betting guest posts.


A great way to find guest posting opportunities is to use Tomoson. Tomoson offers a huge database of guest post opportunities, and you can use the list as you see fit. Some lists are designed for scraping external links, while others are more for accessing influencers. Whether you use Tomoson or other tools, your content should be relevant and valuable to the site’s readers.

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