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How to Make Your Hairstyle Last Longer with Easy Application of Hair Setting Spray

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We, as humans, demand change. Be it as little as a change of lip stain or as massive as getting a new haircut. What we call a “makeover” or “glow up” is a result of this very phenomenon of wanting to look better—wanting to look new! Hence, the most noticeable yet temporary form of changing our appearance would be styling or making our hairdo look different.

It is also human psychology to think that the grass is always greener on the other side, making the straight-haired one want some curls and vice versa. But the grass is always greener where you water it, so we want to make sure you get your desired hair change to stay put without actually damaging it. For this very purpose, a good hair setting spray is a holy grail, and we’d try to cover everything you need to know about it!

Hair Types

It’s crucial to identify your hair type and work around it. Making sure you use products and styling tools that are tailored just for you! Find your type:

Straight Hair: They have no natural curl and have zero waves from root to tip. They usually tend to get oily faster and fall flat. It’s a good idea to avoid heavy creams, serums or products that might add more oil to the hair.

Wavy Hair: There are about three subtypes in wavy hair, each type preceding the other in the prominence of the ‘S’ shape wave. These are prone to get frizzy in damp weather and require products tailor-made for them.

Curly Hair: These too have three subtypes; curls get tighter in each type. Brushing them or typing them up in a pony would make them lose their form.

Coil Hair: These hair curls are tight enough to be wrapped around a chopstick or have a zig-zag pattern. One has to be super gentle with it and requires a good amount of moisture, which necessarily doesn’t mean oils.

Often, people tend to have a mixture of different types, starting at varying levels of their hair follicles.

It’s important to note that a hair type is the type of hair follicle due to genetics. At the same time, a hairstyle could be the one you want to achieve using various tools or methods.

Ways to Style Hair

1. With Heat: HairStyles require heating tools such as curling irons, blow dryers, straighteners etc. These require heat protectants to minimise damage on hair pre and post styling. They stay put for extended periods. Try using tools with heat protectant coating/ceramic coating etc., to prevent damage by almost 50%.

2. Heatless: These include tools and methods by which heating tools achieve similar styles. However, these may last for a lesser time as compared to its counterpart. Using a setting spray, mousse, or leave-in serums would make it last longer. In addition, it’s relatively less damaging to hair. These include rollers, heatless curlers, leave-in straightening creams etc.

Ingenious ways to curl hair with straws, tissues or socks and straighten hair, one could use leave-in creams or elixirs. The Giovanni Straight Fast Straightening Elixir is one great option free of chemicals for those with curly hair.

Pre Styling Prep

Styling and use of heat can often be damaging to our hair. Keeping a routine of deep conditioning your hair every week or ten days and oiling your hair on days off is excellent. However, heat Protectants are never enough! And are said to help protect hair best if used on 50% dry hair.

Make sure to douse your hair in them. Prefer Products to be chemical, sulphate and paraben-free and tailored for your hair type. For example, moisture-heavy creams might not be great for straight hair, whereas dry shampoo or sprays might make curly hair lose moisture. It’s a good idea to try natural products with argan oil or herbal ingredients to accomplish the task of hydrating hair.

How to make hairstyle stay

One of the essential parts of this whole exploration is to make the hairstyle or type you want to hold in place. This entire undertaking will seem a waste if the hairstyle does not last for long.

Various hair setting tools or products are available for each hair type and style you want to use it on.

Setting Spray: Most commonly found and used, hair setting spray helps stiffen hair. That, in turn, helps the hairstyle to stay in place. Though it is weaker than hair gels or wax, it can be sprayed evenly directly onto the hair or areas which require it. For example, it works great for straight hairdos, buns, or styles that require stiffening without weighing it down.

There are many options, such as heat setting spray, which has heat protectant infused. Some herbal options have Argan oil or coconut oil-infused. They help give a nice shine to dull hair. There are many options with multipurpose uses.

Hair Gels and Waxes: They are thicker hair styling products used to stiffen hairstyles. Men most commonly use hair gels though they aren’t gender-specific. Hair gels now come in various versions such as pomade, glue etc. They are more robust than hair sprays and great for thicker hair. Such as curly and wavy hair types.

Hair Volumiser: This essentially helps in getting some volume for thinner or flat hair types. That, in turn, helps in different hairstyles. It can be achieved by blow-drying hair upside down as well.

Serums, leave-in conditioners, hair tonics are things to use on your post styling. Also, ensure to keep your hair hydrated and prevent overuse of heating tools, especially on damp hair.

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Tips for Busy Girls

Those of you are always on the go and short on time. Just the right thing for you is dry shampoos, heat protectant infused hair sprays. Not only does it help with volume, but it also keeps the scalp clean and protected.

Keep these in mind and make those heads turn!

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