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How to play football like professionals?

by Albert
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Playing good football in the yard or on an amateur team is one thing, but being a professional is another. It’s not enough just to play well or be in great physical shape, to become a real football player, you have to put in maximum effort and time. To become the best at least in the region, you will have to devote time only to football and training. You can also play online football at แทงบอลออนไลน์.

So where to start if you or your child wants to be a soccer player?

3 steps to building a career as a football player

Step # 1: learn the rules.

We start out as decent programmers. Without knowing the rules, there is nothing to do in football, but to understand them, you just need to watch the games, even in childhood everything becomes quite clear and obvious. The only difficulty that can arise when learning the basics of football is offside. Therefore, we will explain it right here and now.

Offside in football is the receipt of the ball by an offside player. An offside position in football is fixed if a player of the attacking team at the time of the start of the pass of another player of the attacking team is entirely or part of his body closer to the goal line (endline of the field) than the last but one opponent, including the goalkeeper.

Step # 2: play soccer all the time.

Yes, this is obvious, but you need to understand that almost all your free time should be spent on the field or lawn, constantly training and playing with friends or those who also strive to become a professional. Moreover, the sooner you start doing this, the better. For example, Messi started playing almost from the cradle and at the age of 8 he played for the local club Newells Old Boys, and at 13 he was already in the youth team of Barcelona.

Okay, but what if the desire to become a football player came later, in high school? If your fitness and skills allow, then you can become a member of the local football league or go to a sports camp. Most importantly, do not forget to continue developing your football skills and, of course, theory.

Step number 3: workout 40 hours a day.

A little exaggeration never hurts, but seriously speaking, you should understand that all your free time should be devoted to developing your skills and knowledge. Moreover, you need not only to train your physical form or football skills (passing, hitting, running, feints, and so on), but also the theory: how to move around the field correctly, how to save strength, how to improve efficiency and how best to recover from matches, and also much more.

Experts advise at school age to devote at least 10-15 hours a week to training, and after entering a sports university, then all 25-30 hours a week. Also, when everyone is on vacation, it shouldn’t concern you. Rest for weaklings! Training with real athletes continues even in the off-season!

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