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How to Save When Buying Bridesmaid Robes for Your Wedding

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You can save money when buying robes for your wedding. In this article, you will learn tips to help you save when purchasing bridesmaid robes.


Planning and making a wedding successful comes with a huge budget. It would be best to look for ways to minimize your expenses. Reducing the number of guests and decor may not be enough. Ensure that you save when buying outfits, especially the bridesmaid robes.

Wedding robes for your bridesmaids can cost as low as $20, but you can also spend as high as $500 for a single robe. What can you do to buy high-quality robes without compromising on the quality? Keep reading to learn how to save when purchasing robes for your wedding.

Compare prices in different outlets

Different outlets offer robes at different price points. Ensure you do a price comparison to buy from outlets offering quality robes at a slightly lower price point. This will help you save big money, especially when buying bridesmaid robes in dozens.

However, before you do price comparison, it is essential to research to know reliable outlets offering high-quality and well-designed robes. Then, compare the prices of the same designs of robes in only trusted stores. Consider using price comparison tools to help you in the buying process.

Check price drops

Bride and bridesmaid robes prices drop due to many factors affecting the supply and demand chain. If your wedding is months away, you can consider this tactic when buying the robes. You can use an online price tracking program like Visualping. The program will notify you when the price of bridesmaid robes drops in specific outlets so that you can make a purchase. This will help you save some money.

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Use coupons and cashback tools

Coupons and cashback will help you cut back your expenses when buying robes without sacrificing quality. Many designers and stores offer coupons, allowing you to buy the wedding robes at a discounted price. You can use the best coupon websites like Rakuten to find out which stores offer coupons on bridesmaid robes you are looking for.

In addition, you can use cashback tools which will help you get a cashback after making a purchase. You can get 1% to 12% cashback when using the best cashback apps. However, research more to find the best coupons and cashback tools that will help you save more on your purchases.

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Buy online

Buying your wedding robes at online stores can help you save money. Note that many online boutiques are competing for customers, which brings the prices down. In addition, online boutiques offer wedding robes and other outfits at lower prices than brick-and-mortar stores. Why? Most online stores have fewer expenses to pay compared to physical stores that have to deal with many expenses such as rent, electricity bills, water bills, salaries, licenses, and more. You can visit this website online learning to get more information.

Buy in dozens

Most online stores offer discounts to customers buying products in bulk. When buying your wedding robes, you should consider buying all of them from one store to get better prices. Get the bridesmaids‘ measurements, pick a unique design you all like, and order them from one reputable online boutique. This will help you save significantly. When you buy from different stores or let the ladies buy the robes independently, you will likely spend more.

Final Words

Saving on bridal and bridesmaid robes is a perfect idea to help you reduce your total wedding expenses. You should lookout for the best deals, coupons, and price drops to ensure you buy robes at the best prices. In addition, buying robes at reputable online boutiques and making price comparisons can help you save. However, it would be best if you researched to know trusted stores offering quality robes. That way, you will buy the best bridesmaid robes at the best prices without sacrificing quality.

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